Thursday, June 28, 2007

More Nerd News in Brief.

I am fascinated by “news,” and I use the term loosely. From the grisly to the entirely impertinent, I am bombarded daily with nuggets of info that in no way enrich my life.

Mostly they just scare me.

Are you happy, Scientific American? Now I’m afraid of bats!

*cough cough* More Nerd News in Brief.
  • HOTH WAMPA!: mc chris recently got some face time on Star Wars dot com as part of their Star Wars Rocks collection of features. It’s a pretty interesting read as it covers not only mc’s current nerdy predilections, but those of the halcyon days of his youth. Mostly, I was just relieved to see that I’m not the only person who hasn’t grown any taller since early childhood.
  • You’re his only hope: According to a recent MySpace bulletin, mc and company accidentally sent the pirate t-shirts intended for the Dante’s show to WOW Hall. As a result, Mr. Ward is currently looking for “one of you guys to drive up four boxes from Eugene to Portland.” What do you get for your trouble? Gas money and free admittance to the show for starters. Plus, mc’ll “give [you] free pirate merch and [you] can sit in one of the VIP seats at the Transformer screening.” His promises to also get you laid, buy you an iPhone, and give you a robot, unfortunately, look to be hollow. Holler at mc ( if you’re interested.
  • Glenn Case on Glenn Case: Northwestern ultra-nerd Glenn Case was recently interviewed for the Spokane 7. He talked about Song Fight!, the Half Racks, his remixes, and his “vinyl birthday.” Read it to find out.
  • Fo Free: LA rockers Totally Radd! will be performing at the Viper Room for the Indie 103 Check One.. Two night on Monday, July 2nd. The bad news? The show’s 21+. The good news? The guys’ll get you in for free if you RSVP:
  • RvB no more: Church just reminded me that the series featuring his namesake, Red vs. Blue, will shortly be no more. The finale of “The Blood Gulch Chronicles” should be available for viewing tomorrow. This is pretty much common knowledge, so I’ll just put it in a memo entitled “Shit You Already Know.”
  • Like Ross and Rachel: Northwest Nerdcore is on a break. In Tanuki’s own words, the project “has been pretty much running on sheer determination for about two months now. We're burned out. We're taking a break.” Nook and company will, however, still do the mc chris show on the 3rd and, of course, Nerdcore Night at PAX. Everything else, though, is up in the air. Nook, y’all know where to find me if you need anything.
  • Catfight!: And lastly, Beefy has started posting pix on a new Flickr account. There are a lot of as-yet unseen shots from The Mediocre Tour, and I found this image particularly charming. Girls will be girls.



ChurchHatesTucker said...

I'm thinking now that the end of "Blood Gulch Chronicles" isn't the end of RvB. I'm guessing they're taking a hiatus to try and figure out a storyline that will take advantage of the maps etc. in Halo 3.

Nice write up on Glenn. I checked out his album-in-a-day a bit ago and was suprised by how good it is.

Z. said...

Yeah, I get the impression that Rooster Teeth ain't quite done.

Glenn's got so much good material; he and Shael are my go-to guys when I need some new tunes.

Denika said...

Does everyone have a pic of Router fighting someone? I've got a hot one of Zealous1 beating her down in LA :D