Friday, June 29, 2007

Gimme an "I"

I don’t give an unholy fuck about the iPhone. I can’ afford one, I couldn’t find one if I had the scratch, and I no doubt lack the adequate amount of Mac-fanboy swagger to properly operate the infernal device even if the previous criteria were met. Plus it’s tethered to the iTunes service, which is, I truly believe, the devil.

But I am not your average joe.

You all probably want an iPhone. You, no doubt, lust for it’s oddly ceramic aesthetic and its uber-funky functionality. And so, I present to you the following links.

Don’t thank me; Church did all the legwork.


ChurchHatesTucker said...

Late submission: See the box it comes in!!! (spoiler, it's black.)

(Hey, I'm a tag! Cool.)

Z. said...

Yeah, Church, I figured you'd earned our own tag! :)

Matt S said...

Somebody, may be boingboing, had a story about the fact that Vermont isn't getting the phone at all. Apparently, AT&T doesn't operate in the state and since the device is tied to them, Vermont folks are out of luck.

Personally, I'm still holding out for the Mac Tablet. One day Jobs will see the light on this perfect product and that'll be the day that I'm in line.

Doc Pop said...

Oddly enough, posted a tutorial on how to dump your current cell phone service to upgrade to AT&T for your new iPhone.

ChurchHatesTucker said...

There seems to be a small trend of iPhone haikus. Best of show (from

Oh, IPhone! I want you
Not to have sex with, per se
But to have and hold

Matt, get in line.

Doc, the AT&T lock-in is actually the only thing keeping me away from one.

Z. said...

I think this may be the first time I’ve ever felt bad for Vermont, Matt. Poor bastards.

An informative read, Doc. Thanks for the link!

C’mon, Church; you were the guy I was counting on to tell me whether this thing is worth the hassle and you’re not even getting’ one?!

churchHatesTucker said...

Yeah, I'm expecting an angry call from His Steveness any moment now. I may end up cracking, but AT&T is a big enough concern for now.

Speaking of the Jobs, I can't believe I forgot to include Fake Steve in the linkorama.

Z. said...

Oh, Church, you're like a spigot through which nerdy blog content flows! ;)

antisoc said...

Apple sold out on the iPhone. You can't buy the phone by itself (it only work with... AT&T I think), and it's worthless until activated.

Z. said...

Harsh words, Soc. Particularly harsh because you kinda have a point. ;)

ChurchHatesTucker said...

Yeah, I think the worm in the apple (sorry) is that Apple had to give a little to get AT&T to sign on. There had to be major changes on the backend to let the phone do some of the cool things they wanted (like non-sequential voicemail.) It appears that they agreed to perpetuate certain carrier scams, like no bluetooth data transfer and (it appears) the cash-for-ringtones scam.

I love Apple as much as the next guy (and the next guy is Guy Kawasaki) but still, this is a version 1.0 Apple product. Wait and see is the prudent approach. (I just wish I was rich enough to throw caution to the wind.)

Matt S said...

Lev over at Time made an interesting comment in his review of the iPhone.

Compare the current gen of iPods to the first gen version. Compared to the new versions, the first gen iPods were small (space wise) with a really cumbersome interface. Even looking at pictures of them they look like crap compared to the latest versions.

Now, imagine what the future version of the iPhone and how it will need to look to make the current iPhone look that bad.

antisoc said...

apparently, I didn't read the comments thoroughly enough, or I would have seen several individuals voicing the exact same concerns that I have :-P

Denika said...

Obviously politics is not relevant in the post iPhone world but, don't worry, some of us are paying attention :)