Tuesday, May 08, 2007

GM4A presents Level Up!

I desperately need to relocate. Seriously.

Don't get me wrong, we got some truly great shit happening here on the east side. But out west? Well, out there, it appears, there's always a party.

The latest in a seemingly endless line of amazing gigs comes compliments of my friends from Game Music 4 All. Not content to simply release their own compilation album – a disk that I am, personally, chomping at the bit to hear – GM4A has just announced a bona fide CD release party!

On June 2 nd , the very day that Music EXP is unleashed upon an eager populace, CIA in North Hollywood will explode in a shower of guitar, glitch, body parts, and NES controllers as Two Playa Game, 8 Bit Bandit, Super Barrio Brothers, Toploader, and The Megas combine a la Voltron in an earth-shattering VGM event known simply as Level Up.

The doors will open at 8:00 in the PM, with the first band kicking it off at 8:30. Tickets are 10 bones. Oh, and it's an ALL AGES event, so feel free to bring the kiddies.

I am also led to believe that copies of Music EXP will be available at a special price for those of you lucky enough to attend.

Did I forget to mention the Guitar Hero II contest? Yes, you and your cronies can compete against some of Cali's best GHII players for prizes. Prizes of a fabulous nature.

Check out GM4A for further details, and, if you attend, be sure to take lots of pictures for your ol' buddy Z.

Level Up!


ChurchHatesTucker said...


Z. said...


pinky said...

you complain about the east side, im on a godamn different continent! im waaaaay out east.

mother fuckers...

Anthony said...

Thanks for posting more than enough kind words about our show. Once again you have hyped us beyond reason.

And complaining about the east coast? When you guys have 8-bit and 16-bit Genocide, Video Armageddon 1-3, Monster Party, Blip Festival...

Denika said...

Don't make me all sad Z. I might get to go to LEVE1 UP but what happens if Dennis I end up in Orlando? Then what? Do we throw a pity party and give up on Nerdcore?

Do we need to start a group in the Carolinas? Hipster Please! & The Zombies? We have a place to stay in North Carolina if you can meet us there.


Antisoc said...

lol @ hipster please! & the zombies

Z. said...

Too true, Pinky; you, my brother, are waaaaay down in the southeast!

Always glad to help, Anthony. And you make a good point; we do have our own regional delights.

If y’all end up in Orlando, Denika, I’m sure you’ll get weekly EPP shows! Hipster, please! & the Zombies? Make it so!!! ;)

Oh, we’ll do it, Soc. XD