Thursday, April 12, 2007

More Nerds News in Brief

We as a nation have spent the last week in shock at the discovery that professional asshole Don Imus is, in fact, an asshole. Meanwhile, Kurt Vonnegut, a man who actually had, y'know, something relevant to say has died. Ain't that a kick in the junk?

Life's funny that way, I reckon.

I always saw Kurt as one of us, and not just because he wrote sci-fi. He was a man who held onto his ideas and ideals, and fearlessly expressed himself. You don't get much more nerd that that.

This edition of Nerd News in Brief is for him.

(Now where'd I put the ice-nine?)

  • Tales from the Southeast: Congrats to my brother mCRT for winning the most recent Song Fight! with his track “King Me!” Much nerd love to him, and also to David Abramz for providing the beat. If you haven't already, go check out his winning tune and all of the other interesting submissions.
  • Wait! I can play games on this thing?: Nerdcore For Life got a mention in this month's edition of Games for Windows magazine. I (like pretty much everyone else) am still scratching my head about this, but at least it's some press. :)
  • The Mid-West and beyond: MC Frontalot, MC Lars, and the harmonious cybernetic groove machine known as Optimus Rhyme will be rocking House of Bricks in Des Moines tonight, The Rock in Papillion, NE tomorrow, and the Marquis Theater in Denver come Sunday. As a result, I expect the middle of our nation to be rocked right the fuck off by next week. I'm just sayin'.
  • Dork the Vote: Will the aforementioned acts make it into's list of the Top 10 Nerdcore Artists of All Time? It's up to you, folks. Check out this earlier post for the straight poop.
  • A deal this good is simply ©®@~Z!: Lastly, My Parents Favorite Music have re-released their 2002 album ©®@~Z Mystery for the unbelievable price of 5 bones! Okay, so technically the album is free with the purchase of a $5 button, but you get the idea. Head over to the MPFM MySpace for details, and tell Steffo and Stellar that Z. says hi.


Denika said...

I am glad to know that you are as bereaved as I to hear that Kurt Vonnegut has passed. I don't EVER give one fig about famous people kicking the bucket; even in my grunge days I was hard pressed to be upset about the other Kurt dying yet I found myself strangely touched by the news this morning. That guy had spunk and it is a shame his voice will no longer be heard in this world.

Z. said...

You know me, Denika, I’m a lit geek. Vonnegut’s passing marks a sad day indeed. :(

ChurchHatesTucker said...

So it goes.

Denika said...


Rob said...

hey, Z, the link to my site ( is broken...

David said...

I just saw this now. Thanks Z for covering us down in the southeast man!!

Much love!

Z. said...

You know I have to watch out for my boys down here in the SE, David. ;)