Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Calling all dorks.

There are three phases within the life of the blogger.

In the first, you consider the Top 10 list. In the second, you mock the Top 10 list. Finally, you accept the Top 10 list.

I have recently reached the acceptance phase.

With all that’s happened in the sphere of nerdcore hip-hop over the past year, I can’t help but feel this damnable urge to innumerate, this hankering to list in ascending order. I try to deny it, but still it haunts me like a wispy ghost on a rainy night or a popcorn fart in a crowded movie theatre.

The problem, of course, is that such lists rarely hold water. They are insubstantial. Yet, while I sat lamenting the fact that such a project could never be definitive, my pals Dan and Matt reminded me that it could, in fact, be collaborative.

And so I beseech you, oh nerdcore community to aid me in my quest, to help me uncover the Top 10 Nerdcore Artists of All Time.

Now admittedly, the phrase “of All Time” is a bit of a misnomer. Since we’re not, at present, on the cusp of the end of time – despite what your minister may tell you – that all-time greatest shit is pretty hollow. It essentially boils down to the far less weighty “so far.” And while “so far” lacks that true ring of authority, it’s a bit more accessible and a fair bit more accurate.

But this matter of semantics is neither here nor there.

All I’m looking for from you is a list: a simple list of your personal top 10 nerdcore artists or groups. You can do so right here, at the related thread over at Rhyme Torrents, or (if you’re the secretive type) via the handy email link in the sidebar.

According to my trusty desk calendar, it is, at present, Wednesday, April 11th. I will be actively accepting lists, through any of the aforementioned channels, until next Wednesday, April 18th. After that time I will begin to weigh the collected data, and I will post results the following week.

Aside from your own submission, all I ask is that you be truthful to yourself. Your individual criteria for inclusion are your own business (as are your likes/dislikes and personal prejudices), but I hope you’ll at least give this a little bit of thought.

At least as much thought as a request from a diminutive hillbilly that writes about nerdy rap genuinely warrants.


Dan said...

Oh Z, you fool. Look around. The rise of nerdcore is a clear sign that we are indeed on the cusp of the end times.

Z. said...

"And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, 'An X-Men comic for a penny, and three JLAs for a penny; but see thou hurt not the NES nor the Dungeon Master’s Guide.'" ;)

Denika said...

Here's my list, in no particular order, cause I don't roll like that:

MC Lars
MC Frontalot
Metamystiks Inc.
Bad Spellah
Schaffer the Dark Lord
MC Router

all choices are based on a complicated system of criteria, i.e. whoever makes my bop

Matt S said...

1. Ultraklystron
2. Ultraklystron
3. Ultraklystron
4. Ultraklystron
5. Ultraklystron
6. Ultraklystron
7. Ultraklystron
8. Ultraklystron
9. Beefy
10. Nursehella

And yeah, that's my official submission.

Anthony said...


ChurchHatesTucker said...

Does order matter?

Z. said...

Thanks for sharing, folks.

And, Church, it only matters if you want it to. :)

PinStruckDolly said...

I nominate the KareBearMafia to be on the top 10 list of Nerdcore artists. They truly are amazing, and hilarious, and...well...NERDS! Their music proves that. Give them a listen @

Anonymous said...

1. mc lars
2. beefy
3. mc chris
4. mc router
5. optimus rhyme
thats about it for me

I am Legend said...

1. Fanatical
2. MC Wreckshin
3. MC Okami(skotch tape)
4. Grandmaster Pink
5. Zealious 1
6. Betty Rebel
7. MC chris
8. Beefy

Anonymous said...


Psyballa said...

1.) YTCracker
2.) MC Frontalot
3.) Futuristic Sex Robotz
4.) Drown Radio Therapy
5.) MC++
6.) Monzy
7.) mc chris
8.) Beefy
9.) MC Router
10.) Ultraklystron

Anonymous said...

You should definatley add Krondor Krew to the list. They are freakign awesome.
And Magitek. Definatley.

Membrane32 said...

3)Optimus Rhyme
5)Futuristic Sex Robots

uhm thats really it

Justio Von Awesome said...

MC Router
Doc. Pop.
mc chris
MC Frontalot
Jesse Dangerously
The Lonely Island (I suppose they count)
MC Hawking

Anonymous said...

MC Frontalot
MC Chris
Former Fat Boys
MC Router
MC Lars
Optimus Rhyme

istand1337 said...

mc frontalot
optimus rhyme
mc lars
futuristic sex robotz
shael riley

Sean said...

That's an incredibly tough assignment, there, Mr. Z. But here goes.

1. ytcracker
2. Optimus Rhyme
3. Wordburglar
4. Zealous1
5. MC Frontalot
6. MC Router
7. Futuristic Sex Robotz
8. Super Dragon X
9. Frontalittle Squad
10. MC Plus+ (I guess, too hard to decide on last one, damnit!)

Anonymous said...

MC Lars
mc chris
MC Frontalot
Zealous 1
Metamystiks Inc.

KPandJD said...

05.MC Router
08.Doc Pop
10.Mc Frontalot

Anonymous said...

1-10. Beefy. Yeah.

hex warrior said...

1- Frontalot


3- Beefy

4- Doc Pop

5- Wordburglar

6- Optimus Rhyme

7- Dumbfoundead

8- MC Lars

9- MC Plus+

10- MC Hawking

(i would have put mc chris on there... but i thought he didn't consider himself nerdcore) ;-)

Ben said...

- Jesse Dangerously
- MC Frontalot
- MC Lars
- MC Router
- Beefy
- MC Hawking
- YTCracker
- Optimus Rhyme
- MC Plus+
- Doc Pop

Pod6Ninja said...

-MC Lars
-MC Chris
-Rappy McRapperson
-MC Hawking
-Futuristic Sex Robotz

Nerd Fabulous said...

Damn this list was a hard one to narrow down.. there are just so many great Nerdcore Hip-Hop artists blowin' up the scene as of late..trying to pick my ten favs..

-MC Frontalot
-mcchris (I don't care what he considers himself, hex warrior.. it's MY list. :P)
-Rocket Propelled Geeks (Has no one else heard RPG?)
-MC Hawking
-MC Router
-Futuristic Sex Robots
-Shael Riley
-My Parents Favorite Music

Steffo said...

I've heard of Rocket Propelled Geeks and even though it's not a top 10 list, I just thought I'd mention that they are amazing. Really overlooked Nerdcore and it's a shame.

Anonymous said...

mc chris
MC Frontalot
YT Cracker
Optimus Rhyme

I know those weren't ennumerated, and in no order. That being said, let the list descend to:

Infinity - 1: MC Plus+
Infinity: High-C

Anonymous said...

mc frontalot
mc chris
zealous 1
onyileatron 5000
grandmaster pink and diabolik

im out of ones i listen to regularly

Mr. Trewe said...


1. MC Frontalot
2. mc chris
3. YT Cracker/STC
4. Ultraklystron
5. Metamystiks, Inc.
6. Whole Milk/O5K
7. Optimus Rhyme
8. Zealous1
9. Jesse Dangerously
10. EPP

Honorable mentions: Beefy, MC Lars, MPFM, StDl, MC Router, Doctor Popular, FFB, Grandmaster Pink, ill gill, MC Hawking, MC Plus+, Nursehella,

Bonus list!


1. Baddd Spellah
2. DJ Snyder
3. Whole Milk
4. Ultraklystron
5. Skotch Tape
7. Benjamin Bear
8. Diabolik


Anonymous said...

01. mc chris, MC Frontalot, and Ytcracker/STC
04. Jesse Dangerously
05. Baddd Spellah
06. Optimus Rhyme
07. MC Halking, mc plus, Ultraklystron
10. The Def Author/Frontalittle Squad

Anonymous said...

Based on the number of waffle-tastic (meaning great but with more waffleness)

In random order:

Futuristic Sex Robotz

133t G33k B34t

Emergency Pizza Party


Frontalittle Squad


Rappy Mcrapperson

Rocket Propelled Geeks


MC wreckshin