Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tonight, tonight, tonight / Oh, I'm gonna make it right

I just wanted to wish my friends the best of luck with tonight's Seattle event.

This very eve, the Columbia City Theatre will play host to some of my favorite voices in nerdcore hip hop. MC Tanuki, Nursehella, Ultraklystron, and PC Speaker (of Futuristic Sex Robotz), will help Beefy, MC Router, and Doctor Popular kick off the Mediocre Tour in style.

To those of you performing: break many-a leg, my friends!

To those in attendance: please take plenty of pictures.


Luzid said...

Hey Z - your review of [i]Romance Language[/i] was faulty.

It didn't take into account just how great it is. Along with [i]Collabic1de[/i], it's one of my favorite albums of the year - and I mean period, not just in the NCHH genre.

Inspirational, those guys. Can't wait for the concert next week (and again, I have a free ticket to the LA show, gang! Just PM me over at Rhyme Torrents).

Antisocial said...

If only I didn't have a crazy job to deal with and stuff. I would totally be there.

Also, rumor has it that my remix of Emulation Station will be used for the tour.

Z. said...

Good to know you’re feeling Karl and Zealous’s new albums so fervently, Luzid. Both great albums by great guys. Let me know what you think of the LA show.

Your remix might be used? That’s great, Soc! Congrats. :D

Doc Pop said...

Well Z, none of us broke a leg...

But Router had to go to the emergency room.

Z. said...

I heard about that, Doc. I sincerely hope she’s on the mend!