Monday, March 12, 2007

Nerd News in Brief

I'm still fuzzy on the whole “time change” thing. If this is just the government's way of punishing us – y'know, sending us to bed for not being more supportive citizens – I can't imagine that most of us would complain about turning in an hour early if they just asked us nicely. Consequently, if this is about conserving global energy resources, well, why don't we just carpool? Doesn't that seem a bit less drastic than rudimentary time travel?

I'm just sayin'.

Twice a year we do this little dance, and both times it takes me four or five days to recover from this exercise in futility. My internal clock does not adjust well to such things.

If you, like me, feel a tad burned-out, a bit blue because of this temporal shake-up, I've got a little something that may lift your spirits. I call it Nerd News in Brief.

  • Drink beer, get tats, bust rhymes, make headlines, repeat: MC Router is fast becoming the face of nerdcore hip hop. This time she and T-Byte have shown up in a newspaper out of San Antonio, as well as in Chicago's Columbia Chronicle. How long you reckon it'll be before she gets her own cable news channel?
  • Spread the nerd love: My bro Matt from Headphone Sacrament just informed me that Wizard Rocker Dumbledork is looking for a guest MC for his newest track. It's about time for some cross-pollination between nerdy music genres, so Matt and I are both hoping that someone from Team Nerdcore might step up.
  • I knew him when…: Speaking of Matt and his passion for Wrock, he recently got some love from and a link from Lev Grossman's TIME magazine blog. Be sure to head to MySpace now and friend Matt before he becomes too important within pop culture circles to accept your digital affection.
  • This Thursday: Don't forget to head Seattle-ways to catch the first stop of the Mediocre Tour this Thursday. The headliners will be joined by all your friends from the Northwest Nerdcore collective. The phrase wine, women, and song comes to mind.
  • And next Thursday: In other Mediocre Tour news, nerdcore MC and scene supporter Luzid has an extra ticket for the March 22 nd show at the Whisky in Hollywood. If you're going to be in the area and would like to check that show out on the free , PM Luzid over at the Rhyme Torrents board. See? I told you the scene was full of nice people.
  • Like musical Prozac: If that's not enough nerdcore optimism, I'd humbly suggest you check out Zealous1's Collaboc1de. It's 22 tracks of nerdy goodness featuring Zealous and a veritable all-star cast of nerdy MCs. Moreover, it's got an amazingly uplifting vibe that's sure to satisfy.
  • Nerdcore Carnival: Lastly, Nerdcore For Life has gotten some more international press, this time from Brazil. Go to the RT boards and check out Dan's post on the subject. And, if you just so happen to be fluent in Portuguese, feel free to elaborate upon the translation.


ChurchHatesTucker said...

Isn't that Columbia article the same one that's been floating around for a couple weeks? I'm wondering if the NC4L article isn't the same thing, only in Portugese. (Favorite bit from the aptly named Babblefish translation, "They fazemrap on things nerd." More fazemrap!)

Z. said...

Yup. Apparently Router rules the news wire. I got no clue about the NC4L bit, though. I keep trying to read the translation, but it makes my head hurt.

Denika said...

Figures Luzid would have an extra ticket now after I already bought 3. It looks like I'm taking 2 days off from work that I can ill afford just to take part in this historic nerdcore event. 8P

Hey Z. since you couldn't make it to the Seattle show you could always fly to LA next Thursday ;) Were looking for roomys to drive down the hotel cost.

Z. said...

If only I could, Denika! If only I could!!!

Luzid said...

Wow, our community *is* tight - to think HP! would feature someone giving away an extra ticket (which currently remains unclaimed, sadly enough - bewildering).

Collabic1de is awesome! Very inspirational, and Zealous1 is an incredibly giving, nice guy. I really love what he's done with bringing people together.

Z. said...

Shit, Luzid, if I weren’t a country’s breadth away I’d take it myself! And I second what you said about Zealous; he’s a great (and very talented) guy. I genuinely can’t say enough nice stuff about him.