Monday, March 05, 2007

Nerd News in Brief

I went out of town for the weekend in an attempt to clear my head. It didn't take. So here I am, back again for another edition of Nerd News in Brief, as fuzzy-headed as ever.

  • That's fresh: MC Lars got a little love last week from Detroit's Metro Times. It's certainly not the most in-depth piece I've ever read, but it hits a lot of Lars's personal highlights including the story of how Iggy Pop himself cleared the use of the hook from “The Passenger” in “Download This Song.”
  • I made him do it.: Okay, so maybe I didn't, but that doesn't erase the fact that Beefy has just dropped a collection of covers for free download from his site. Pale by Comparison includes some material that you'd expect (covers of mc chris, MC Frontalot, and Shael Riley) and some stuff you probably wouldn't (like covers of Mos Def and… um... Jeff Buckley.) Check it out.
  • In fact, far from it!: The advent of The Mediocre Tour is almost upon us. My pal Tanuki over at Northwest Nerdcore would like to remind you that the March 15 th gig at the Columbia Center Theatre will feature not only the show stopping might of the Mediocre Tour's Beefy, MC Router, and Doctor Popular, but also a collection on Pac-NW nerdlingers including Nook himself, his Sister J, UnoHwo, Nursehella, Ultraklystron and The Futuristic Sex Robotz. Presale tickets are available for a mere seven bones.
  • He smells of cedar and salvation: Super mammal Ham-STAR has just dropped a new track over at his MySpace. With another book under his belt, Hammy has packed up his food dish and water bottle and holed up in his tiny studio so as to bring the high-pitched tunage to your waiting ears.
  • Nerdcore Ning: YTCracker has just launched a Nerdcore Ning for use by the entire community. Confused? YT's got you covered: “ Ning is sort of like a MySpace within a MySpace. … Basically, this is meant to be a centralized place for pictures, videos, blogs, and goings on for the nerdcore world with its artists and fans. Post everything up that you can find - pictures, videos, etc. and tag them so we get the exposure.” You heard the man; now get a-postin'!
  • Ending on a high note: Do you love “ Superior Being,” Metamystiks Inc.'s blindingly amazing contribution to Rhyme Torrents Vol. VI? (I do.) Would you like a chance to bend the vocals and beat to your own sinister ends? (I sure would.) The guys have just made available the “Superior Beings” Internet Single that features both edited and unedited versions of the track, as well as clean instrumental and a cappella versions. Metamystiks's own myf has even dropped his own remix to show you how it's done.


ChurchHatesTucker said...

Nice to see a new interview at all, although I'm getting annoyed with the constant "Hey, they're white rappers!" Aside from it not being entirely true, that hasn't been suprising since about the eighties.

Z. said...

True, Church. The fact that hip-hop has crossed racial boundaries really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who hasn't been in a coma for two decades.