Thursday, March 08, 2007

More Nerd News in Brief

It's time for more Nerd News in Brief.

Actually, it's probably past time, but what can I say? It's been a hectic week!

  • I blame Bucky: As all of my fellow comic book geeks already know, yesterday Marvel elected to retire an esteemed member of the super hero community. And by retire I mean shoot. And by esteemed member of the super hero community I mean a WWII throwback in Evel Knievel pajamas. We miss you Cap. Well… some of us miss you.
  • Foot-Stompers need not apply: ChurchHatesTucker just hipped me to a circuit bending workshop in his neck of the woods. Baltimore gets to have all the fun! (Anyone who got the John Waters reference in this item's title earns a +1 bonus to their next satire roll.)
  • Collabo-rrific: Zealous1's new release Collaboc1de is finally complete and ripe for the downloading. It features Zealous1 (obviously) and… uh… Who the fuck am I kidding? It features everybody ! ;)
  • Drink to me anyway!: Next Thursday, worlds collide as the Northwest Nerdcore family teams up with the Mediocre Tour to pillage the residences and subjugate the citizens of a city called Seattle. There was supposed to be a big reveal here about how I was flying up to the PacNW to partake in this show-to-end-all-shows (as well as the Goondocks CD release party featuring Optimus Rhyme and Beefy /Router /Doc occurring the following Saturday), but ridiculous airfare expenses and childcare issues have destroyed those dreams in much the same manner as Old Grandad bourbon has surely destroyed my liver. But weep not for me, my lovelies; simply head out to the Columbia City Theatre and get sloshed on my behalf. This, I command!

Are ya goin’?


ChurchHatesTucker said...

Meh. I'd trade the workshop for a show by any one of the acts at the Columbia Theater.

Oh, and I'm convinced that Bucky did it.

Denika said...

I have excellent news if no one has heard yet. That Esquire article went to print and of course I've got a scan. I'm at work and I can't get the file on our server yet so I'll email it to Z. and see if he can do something with it. Hipster Please! was mentioned. *tee hee*

Z. said...

You just can’t trust a sidekick, Church!

No foolin’, Denika? HP got a mention? 8O Well, I’ll be damned! When last I spoke to Jason (Tanz) he told me that the article was a go, but that I wouldn’t be quoted. Hell, even getting the blog mentioned is a big deal for me!!! XD

Denika said...

Actually, now that my dumb ass has gotten over the excitement and remebered who was interviewed, it's a shame you weren't mentioned more specifically Z.

Z. said...

I’m just excited that the blog got mentioned! I wasn’t even expecting that. :)