Monday, February 26, 2007

Nerd News in Brief

As I sat down to begin my Monday morning ritual of writing NNIB, I felt a little worried. Had that much really happened in the world of nerd music over the weekend? Were there really any pertinent items or occurrences coming down the pipe that warranted my attention? Was there, indeed, anything to write about at all?

And then I checked my notes.

Um… yeah, there are a few things I could maybe talk about.

  • How can I ‘splain it?: Author Jason Tanz would like to invite those of you in the NY area to attend a release party this Wednesday (February 28 th ) for his book OTHER PEOPLE'S PROPERTY: A SHADOW HISTORY OF HIP-HOP IN WHITE AMERICA. The events kick off at 7:00 PM with a panel discussion at Housing Works Used Book CafĂ© at 126 Crosby St. in New York. The party starts after the discussion, right across the street from the bookstore, at 109 Crosby St. Show up and give Jason some nerd love.
  • Boycott the RIAA month: An event that everyone can take part in, regardless of geographical location, is GIZMODO's RIAA boycott. This March, the GIZMODO team asks that you refrain from purchasing any album put out by an RIAA label. Instead it is suggested that you use your money to support your favorite independent artists and major label artists through more direct means (i.e.: seeing them live, buying their merch, or, better yet, buying their merch at a concert.) Need help separating the sheep from the goats? RIAA Radar has got you covered. Thanks to my boy Church for hipping me to this.
  • Calling all nerd girls: Church also called my attention to Inkling Magazine's She's Such a Geek photo contest. E-mail a submission that best suits the caption “OMG she's such a geek!” to Anne before midnight, February 28th, 2007. The winner (announced Wednesday March 7 th ) will receive a poster of classic nerd gal Lady Lovelace Ada Byron. You can't get more geek than that!
  • Nerdy lady: Speaking of geeky girls, here are some pics of our very own MC Router giving up the nerd love to her beloved fans and fellow revelers at a recent gig. These pics contain no bloody cleavage. Sorry to disappoint.
  • “She's big on this nerdcore scene.”: MC Router (and her all-important tat) also got a recent shout-out on daily comedy podcast The Distorted View Show. Don't believe me? MC Inadequate provides unequivocal proof.
  • Nerdcore Mixtape 1: Nerdcore/techno artist and all purpose code-monkey Enerbrat has put together his own nerdcore mixtape. Download it and give it a listen. And, once you're done with that, why not make your own?
  • Like regular fiends, only more super: But what if you want new music for your (alleged) mixtape? Brand new songs that only a scant few have heard before? Then funky49 and Redvoid have got a surprise for you! Rising to the outrageous challenge of the RPM project, The Superfiends (funk and Red's tag team moniker) have just unleashed the power and fury of Divebombing on eardrums everywhere. “ Samurai L. Jackson ” is a personal favorite.
  • I miss Dumbledore: For those of you interested in Wizard Rock, my pal Matt from Headphone Sacrament has been doing a good bit of musing on the subject of late. Check out his blog and enjoy the fruits of his laborious diggings into the (supernatural) musical underground.
  • HP don't just stand for Harry Potter: In Hipster, please! news, slowly but surely many of my recent projects seem to be coming to fruition. My interview with Nerdcore For Life director and all around super guy Dan Lamoureux, for example, should be posted later this week. Likewise, RFH18, an episode tentatively centered on edutainment, should be up the first or second week in March.
  • A space of my own: And lastly, with much trepidation, I have finally elected to create a MySpace for Hipster, please! I've never been too crazy about the service, but I know a lot of the artists that I feature do much of their PR and fan interaction through MySpace so it seemed like a good way to help me track their movements and breeding patterns. If any of y'all would like to befriend a humble blogger, I'd be glad to reciprocate.


ChurchHatesTucker said...

Z, wasn't there going to be an article by Jason as well? Did I miss that?

Steve said...

HP still stands for Hewlett-Packard... sorry :)

Maybe it's the hours I've spent on hold for tech support on computers, printers and servers?

Matt S said...

I made NNIB! Yeah!

Must be a really slow news day, huh?

I ended up placing 5 orders for CDs this weekend, including the EP of the Month Club and the complete Harry and the Potters CD discography package. Thank god I get paid on Wednesday.

Funny thing is I kept seeing all the show dates for shows in the NE and all I could think was, 'I've driven father then that for a show' (longest drive for a show was about 16 hours to see my friends play at a festival in ME).

Church, what are your feelings about road trips? Nothing planed yet, but it deffinetly is a possibility.

Z. said...

You are correct, Church. Jason wrote a nerdcore article for the April edition of Esquire. When last we spoke it looked like it might make it in, but we won’t know for sure until the magazine hits stands.

And all this time, funk, I thought HP stood for horsepower! ;)

Actually, Matt, I had been planning on doing a write-up on Wizard Rock for a while, but I got bogged down in other projects. When Church started suggesting bands and sites for me to check out I started taking notes with the hopes of resurrecting it, but when I read your last few posts I realized that you’d pretty much written all I’d planned to and more. :D

ChurchHatesTucker said...

Fine bunch of nerds you lot are. HP stands for Hit Points!

Matt, I'm down with the idea of a road trip. The reality of it might be tougher to pull off.

Z. said...

Damn! Out-nerded by Church again. ;)