Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More Nerd News in Brief

Yesterday, your old pal Z. took a day off. Not simply from blogging, mind you, but from his real job as well. I spent this entire, unseasonably warm day with my loving wife and our lively son.

I am fucking exhausted.

Here's some stuff that came to light while I was chasing Little X. through the local shopping mall.

  • Rhyme Torrents Volume VI is live!: Well, mostly. The torrent itself doesn't seem available, but the tracks are up for individual download. I haven't had the chance to give it the whole of my attention just yet (as I'm still weighing the merits of Ultraklystron's new release Romance Language), but the track list alone has me very excited. It features old favorites like MC Lars, familiar faces with new names such as the recently re-christened Dead Circuits, and new hotness like Florida's Krondor Krew. For my money, though, it doesn't get more thrilling than seeing that myf has dropped another classic. So tell me, what are your favorites?
  • Seek (nerdy shit) and ye shall find: My nerd blogging brother from another mother, Glenn of Nerd-Music, has recently set about crafting a nerd music search engine using Google Co-op. Of course Matt and I couldn't well let him have all that fun alone! If you'd like to chip in on this collective effort, hit Glenn up for specifics, or, if you prefer to be all furtive, the service is also set so that anyone may become an immediate volunteer.
  • Emusic: My pal (and constant source of information and amusement) Church just hipped me to Emusic's 23 promotional offer. It's( apparently) 23 free songs + 12 bonus songs. Church tried it out and cut through the red tape on your behalf. The skinny? “Eh, you have to be a new user, and you have to sign up for one of their programs (you can do the basement option which gives you two weeks to bow out.) Not as cool as I thought at first, but possibly still worth mentioning.” I'd definitely say so. Thanks for the tip, Church!
  • Try as I might, I simply can't come up with a headline for this item that isn't completely inappropriate…: Router (and her much talked-about boob tat) were just featured on Boing Boing! And now I propose a moment of silence for all the dirty jokes I didn't make. [bows head reverently] Thanks to Church, BrĂ¼x, and all y'all other cats who hipped me to this one! Apparently all this press has been nothing but good for MC Router, as the following pic illustrates.



Matt S said...

Dude, emusic is fraking dangerous. I signed up a couple of weeks ago, after constantly hearing about it on the indiepop list. I picked the $15 option which gave me something like 50 downloads a month. (after getting 25 free downloads for being a new customer) After blowing through that in about 15 minutes, I upped it to the $20 a month version with 75 downloads a month. It took me another 20 minutes to blow through that and now I'm hoping to god this thing resets on the 1st of the month so I can go grab more stuff.

Thinking back, downloading Two Nickels On The Dime was probably not a smart move.

Since iTunes was major labels only when it launched, most of the big indie labels partnered with emusic instead, so there's a ton of great indie music. Songs are also all DRM free mp3s.

I can tell you for sure that Dischord have their catalog up there. I was also able to grab some stuff from SST, a Girls vs. Boys album off Touch and Go, and I need to go back for the Brainiac album. I can't remember what else I grabbed. Oh, there was a comp from Folk Ways of early Rock and Roll from Mississippi that I still need to listen to.

And hey, I just got a batch of messages from paypal telling me that my charges from this weekend's Wizard Rock binge cleared so I'll hopefully start getting CDs from that in the next week or two.

I love life sometimes. :)

Z. said...

Which version of Double Nickels did you pull, Matt? The 43, 44, or 45 track version? Either way, that doesn’t give you a lot of extra slots for downloads. ;)

Lemme know which Wizard Rock releases are worth the coin. I’m expecting you to weed through them so Church and I know what's safe to buy!

matt S said...

43 Track version.

And yeah, I'm defenietly planning on trying to do some reviews as things come in. I've backed off on reviews since I was so unhappy with the first batch that I wrote, but hopefully these will be a bit better. Who knows?

Denika said...

I may have an explanation for the Router play count today. The new issue of College Times in the Phoenix area just dropped today and her picture is on the front cover with a 2 page spread about nerdcore in general inside!

ChurchHatesTucker said...

Frak. I did a long post, and must have missed that I failed the capcha (or whatever the human test is called.)

Summary: Denika, any scans? Matt, do reviews. Also, The ability to buy the entire Dischord catalog in a mouseclick scares me.

Denika said...

OK folks, I scanned in the article and put it on our server.

I can get a bunch of copies so if anyone wants a physical copy email me.

Z. said...

Looks to be the same article that popped up last week in Router’s own local in DFW (, but it’s wild to see it pop up again. Man, Denika, Router is getting mad press of late! Thanks for the scans. :)

I hear you, Church. All of my old Dischord stuff is on cassette, poorly aged cassette I might add. there is so much shit that I need to re-obtain.

Matt S said...

I'm actually not buying the Dischord stuff through emusic. I thought about picking up the last Black Eyes album but then decided that I'd rather have it on CD.

Though, I just had a flash of having the total Dischord catalog on vinyl. THAT would be cool as hell :) Currently I've only got a couple Fugazi albums on vinyl.

And as for tapes, the first time I ever heard punk was the tape Dischord released of the first two Minor Threat 7 inches. I picked it up on a whim based on the cover (the inconic picture of the guy with his head in his lap). God that was a great tape.