Monday, September 25, 2006

The greatest show(s) on earth

I the recent past both Emergency Pizza Party and Shael Riley have put on exemplary shows of a nerdcore nature. Don’t believe me? I have evidence. Damnable evidence, says I!

The entire EPP gig can be downloaded (in the new-fangled MP3 format) from the online residence of the funkiest number of them all. The site also boasts links to video footage and a lengthy collection of "thank yous." Truly there ain't no Pizza Party like an Emergency Pizza Party.

While Shael’s performance isn’t quite so well documented, you can be assured of his consummate verse-slangin’ due to the ultimate outcome: he will be opening for the Nerdcore Juggernaut that I have chosen to call Optimus-Front in both NYC and Boston next month. Being a simple farm boy I am unfamiliar with such locals, but I am assured by grandfather that both a bustling centers of commerce resplendent with decadent worldly delights.

Speaking of depravity, my ol’ buddy Beefy (who, while not my favorite Whitesican, easily cracks the top ten) will likewise be opening for Optimus Rhyme when they play December 2nd in Seattle. Seattle, of course, is where all good nerds go when they die. Transcend with him, people!


steve said...

I'd like to mention that the o-town crew of EPP, and their groupies, roadie, etc successfully drank a lot of beer at my home and I successfully recycled most of the bottles. No neighbors complained me about the noise and my cat did not escape. The show went very nicely too. Excellent Times!

Z. said...

So success all around then? Excellent!