Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More questions than answers

Thanks to all who checked out the first ev-ah edition of Radio Free Hipster. Aside from a couple of less-than-stellar track transitions, some sound level issues, and the fact that I sound like a total hick, I think it actually came together fairly well.

Not surprisingly, I’ve received ample support from the nerdcore community. What can I say? They’s my peoples. Much love to Beefy (as well as Jones and Paige from the JALP crew), Router, Oddioblender, Benjamin Bear, and everyone else from the Rhyme Torrents camp that listened, commented, and talked me up.

So, a few people actually bothered to check this thing out. This, of course, begs the question will there be a second Radio Free Hipster podcast?

Yes. It appears so.

I am, at present, cobbling together a playlist for episode 2. Between the time it takes me to plan a show (and believe it or not, there is planning involved), search out new artists and tracks, allocate proper quality time with the wife and boy, keep this very blog in a quasi-updated state, hold down my day job, and all of the other countless activities and related engagements involved in being a somewhat responsible adult, you can rightly expect one to two podcasts per month. Mayhap that’s less than you expected. Mayhap it’s more; far, far more.

In addition to the podcast, or, perhaps, because of it, I am also in the process of compiling a list of frequently asked questions concerning this blog, its author, the podcast, and how to contribute material for possible inclusion. If you, for whatever strange and twisted reason, would care to add to this growing list of queries, I direct your attention to the comment link below.

I would request that you limit your questions to matters both thought-provoking and pertinent, but, as I can scarcely stay on topic myself, that seems a bit hypocritical.


buttnik said...

Ok so Radio Free Hipster made me happy. Very very happy indeed.
Ps, you sound adorable!!!

Z. said...

It’s only because I am! (As you should well know.) And ep. 2 will most probably be posted this weekend or early next week. Let me take this opportunity to apologize in advance for the intro track.

The Dragon of Super said...

Well I had listened through most of it and was writing comments as I went along when Firefox crashed. Apparently my computer is too much of a piece of garbage to handle 30mb mp3 and espn.com at the same time.

Anyways, the production value, use of the bumpers and coming in with tracks, especially a DJ Snyder track, made this feel like a real radio show. I was expecting a lot more talking, but this sounds like something you'd find on XM. Pretty cool. Yes, you sound kinda hick-ish to me, but then again, when I go to the south, some people can't even understand me, so I can't talk. True about Weezer being a mainstream geek act...altho as a long-time fan I guess I never really thought of it that way.

And yes...that Metriod rock track was bangin'...between that and the 2nd rock track you played, it's clear the hip hop side of geek music needs to step its game up in terms of production-quality to be on par with the rock acts.

Good stuff, especially for a first podcast. 1

Z. said...

Thanks for the input, Dragon. I was really going for sort of a hybrid “pirate radio broadcast/mixtape from a friend” feel with the podcast, and a lot of the feedback I’m getting leads me to believe I’ve achieved that.

Accents are weird, but at least mine makes the podcast a little different: I can’t imagine there are too many other geek music ‘casts hosted by country bumpkins! ;)

The whole purpose behind this podcast was to put out a half-hour show comprised entirely of music in a nerdy vein – be it intentional or unintentional, old or new, popular or completely underground – and, for better or for worse, Weezer is a part of that group. Since they’re so well known, I opted for the mash-up, which I think worked well.

There does seem to be a big difference between the production values on the rock side of nerd music vs. the hip hop side. Some, like FSR and Optimus, already have really clean, professional sounding production, and I can really see a lot of other acts following suit.

Thanks for the support, and look for ep. 2 this week.