Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Q: Slow news week? A: Not quite.

I’ve been uncharacteristically quiet this week. (Lucky you!) This isn’t due to any dearth of nerdly goings-on or any lull in the action-packed life of a geek blogger. Much to the contrary, in fact: I am currently hard at work on not one, not three, but TWO high-profile interviews for good ol’ Hipster, please!

The first is in what I refer to as the “make sure we don’t sound like a couple of dicks” phase – a newly employed machination of my design that assures, in theory, that neither I nor the other party involved come off sounding like, well, dicks. It should be in a post-able state in the immediate future, and my sources (chiefly me and the subject of said dialogue) tell me that the piece should be available for your perusal this weekend or early next week.

The second is only just beginning to sprout, to germinate as it were. The opportunity for this one simply fell into my lap through the facilitation of a certain dashing gentleman known sometimes by the arcane moniker of Mythril Nazgul and other times as simply myf. Myf, in a fierce display of nerd love, hooked a brother up, and thus you too were hooked up by proxy.

While I won’t make with the juicy details just yet, suffice it to say that these are two big-name artists who are apparently under the impression that this blog has a significantly higher readership that it, in actuality, does. I take no responsibility for their collective misconception as I always strive to remain realistic when discussing the site’s smalltimedness.

See? That wasn’t even a real word. It’s so small-time that I don’t even have an editor.

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