Thursday, June 22, 2006

The crazy things I do for (nerd) love

For a man who’s spent the better part of his life in literature classes, my reading comprehension skills have gone straight down the shitter of late.

Perfect example: Within the last few days I have noted (from two different sources) that nerdcore’s favorite yo-yo enthusiast, Doctor Popular, will be appearing on the June 29th episode of ABC’s Master of Champions. Then why, pray tell, did I just waste an entire evening breathlessly awaiting his appearance on NBC’s America’s Got Talent? Obviously I’ve suffered from some manner of CVA. (This would also account for my recent hypersexual gestures.)

Well, at least I got to see Rappin’ Granny.

Now that I’ve had time to make a sign on an oversized piece of cardboard that reads DOC POP NEXT THURS ABC, YOU IGNORANT FUCK!, I reckon I should be able to avoid any future slip-ups. Of course, since I’m obviously suffering from some sort of mental incapacitation, I half expect myself to be watching TV Land in hopes of catching sight of the good Doctor on a rerun of Full House.

The moral of this story: Doctor Popular will display his otherworldly yo-yo skillz (note the “z”) on next week’s episode of the ABC game show competition Master of Champions (Thursday, June 29 8:00-9:00 p.m., ET, though YMMV). Watch it and show your support for the San Franciscan sometimes known to the nerdcore faithful as beatsmith extraordinaire Drown Radio.


Doc Pop said...


There is a chance it will actually air on July 6th (two thursdays from now)..

I'll let you know AS SOON as I know...

Thanks for the write up though.

Z. said...

Doc has confirmed that the air date is next Thursday. Tune in to get your yo-yo fix.