Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hoth Isn't Very Nice

"Baby It's Cold Outside," Frank Loesser's weirdly catchy, oddly date rape-y seasonal standard, has taken on new life in recent years. From Glee to Zooey Deschanel that song is everywhere you may-or-may-not want to be. (And I ain't here to judge.)

This week, however, Kirby Krackle—along with a helpful assist from The Doubleclicks—has transformed the track into a tale of two willing participants. Oh, and also they put it in the Star Wars universe.

I reckon that part's important too.


Susan said...


Shannon said...

I love this!! Not surprising, since I celebrate all things The Doubleclicks do. Thanks for sharing!

Z. said...

Agreed, Susan; it's truly the new hotness of the season!

My pleasure, Shannon. I mean, I couldn't very well *not* talk about a KK/DC crossover. ;)