Monday, September 24, 2012

Mr. Popularity

If there's anything that can unseat Invisible Obama as cultural shorthand for just how fucked up things are in this turbulent election year it's Suddenly British Obama. This delightful cartoon president is the spokesman for Marc with a C's latest Indiegogo project, Popular Music.

Marc has done – and I say this with all love and respect to the man – some weird shit in the past, but this one takes the taco! Popular Music is literally an album designed by committee. Marc got in there, folks; he asked the questions. He polled the listening audience and did that market research, and that, in turn, helped dictate the slant of the album.

Now this is a horrible idea, precisely the brand of wonderfully horrible idea that I expect will lead to some of Marc's most interesting output yet.

Mr. with a C is also once again looking to the fans to help with the pressing of a small vinyl run, as well as some physical CDs for the good of those still tied to tangible media. (Poor bastards!) But unlike some projects I could allude to Marc has a definite timeline in place, and your financial support is really just pre-ordering the new hotness.

I mean, sure, there are some pretty crazy incentive items if you're really down to kick in serious dough, but even the lowest sponsorship level snags a digital version of the album. So head over to Indiegogo for the full skinny on how to cop Popular Music, a private Skype concert or maybe even Marc's own keyboard, and keep an eye out for regular updates that afford an even-expanding look behind the curtain.

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