Friday, July 20, 2012

Your Nerdapalooza is in Another Castle

A cursory glance at the calendar indicates that we're just a couple of weeks out from this year's (unseasonably late) Nerdapalooza. This time around your favorite nerd's favorite nerd festival has once again changed location – to Orlando's twin night spots The Beacham and The Social – and with that shift comes a few more rules and regulations than in previous iterations. But such is the price you pay for the pleasure of experiencing a musical event at a proper musical venue.

Event Director Aaron has gone to great lengths to compile a helpful list concerning rules of conduct and simple dos-and-don’ts. I suggest you give' em a gander, and pay special attention to the all important Rule 621. Learn it. Love it. Live it.

In case you haven't heard, I will not be in attendance this time around. I'm actually prepping for a journey to the fabled O-town with the whole famn damily in October, so I'm afraid as a result this visit had to be sacrificed on the altar of Conserving Annual Leave Days. Y'all know how it is.

Now that being said, my boys will be in attendance. (And in this instance "my boys" does not actually refer to my testicles.)

New homies Tribe One and Adam WarRock will both be there, performing Friday and Saturday evening respectively. I've seen 'em both rock the mic on numerous occasions, and if you happen to miss either set I'm afraid we can no longer be friends.

Sci-Fried is playing an afternoon slot on Saturday. Those cats are – and I don't use this phrase lightly – my brothers. I love 'em, and missing them hurts more than any other single act on the bill. Please scream extra loud for 'em. I know they've got some amazing stuff planned.

My hometown heroes The ThoughtCriminals are going on immediately after. It's their first official showing at Nerdapalooza-proper, as their hotel room gig last year was some hardcore underground shit that must not be spoken of in the presence of respectable ladies and gentlemen.

The TCs have just released a Bandcamp fundraiser project to help them scrape together gas money for next month's trip down Florida-way. The minimum price of The Game Changer EP is nothin', but anything you'd be willing to chip in goes to getting my crew to where they need to be.

I'll be with 'em in spirit, so think of it as a metaphysical donation to yours truly.


Dammit Jim said...

oh man... so sad to hear you are not coming!! tell ya what we can do, though.. email when you will be here and we will try and book a show at a local club just for you my friend.

DV said...

I will drink one for you. Then I will drink seventeen more for you.

Z. said...

Will do, Jim. Y'all break a leg, brother! :D

I knew you would, Data. Looks like Matt and Andrea are doing a HP-meet-up in case you're interested.