Monday, July 30, 2012

All in the Family

Bomb-ass poster by Matthew Warlick
If you are reading these words it can be easily deduced that you already know this to be Nerdaplooza week. (It's kind of a big deal in our humble circle.) But it's my pleasure to hip you to some breaking tour news.

Internet rap sensations Jesse Dangerously, Adam WarRock, Mikal kHill and Tribe One are proud to announce 14 US dates for September 2012. Under the banner of the NOFRIENDS 2012 tour, these artists will be bringing their unique brands of geeky, indie hip-hop to the following cities along with some very special guests:
9/1 TBA
9/2 Chicago, IL - Burlington Bar
9/3 Pontiac, MI - Crofoot Pike Room w/ Sample the Martian
9/4 Cleveland, OH - Roc Bar w/ MC Cool Whip
9/5 Philadelphia, PA - M-Room w/ DevoSpice, Zilla Persona
9/6 Worcester, MA - That's Entertainment! w/ Shane Hall
9/7 Hartford, CT - Cafe Nine w/ Ceschi Ramos
9/8 Brooklyn, NY- Grand Victory w/ Schaffer the Darklord
9/9 Baltimore, MD - Metro Gallery
9/10 Chesapeake, VA - Chicho's Pizza w/ The Nerdlucks
9/11 Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506
9/12 Atlanta, GA - Drunken Unicorn
9/13 West Columbia, SC - The Conundrum
9/14 Charlotte, NC - The Milestone w/ Sulfur
Sponsored by Fat Kid Revolution Clothing, SIUniverse Media, The Variants, Word Realms, Rutgers GeekWeek, Agreeable Comics and *ahem* WIRED GeekDad, additional info regarding this musical meeting of the minds (and an inexplicable promo shot of Jesse D playing a ukulele) can be found at:


Cecil Decker said...

Lol, everyone says The Conundrum, but it's just Conundrum.

Z. said...

There's never a bad time for a definite article, Cees!

Jesse Dangerously said...

My ukulele is thoroughly explicable! See and indeed

Z. said...

You're a man of many talents, Jess.