Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Always Honest

Earlier this week I blogged about MC Lars's latest video, an interesting piece that uses rap to relay a lesson on the finer points of poetic meter, over at GeekDad. Interestingly enough, that's actually not the only example of educational hip-hop currently making the YouTube rounds.

Mega Ran recently released the first single from his Kickstarter-funded Language Arts multimedia project, subtitled "First Day of School." It's another solid slice of lyrical positivity that boasts stellar production from Richie Branson, nicely organic direction by Tom Larkin and a bridge in which Random takes a moment to explain the proper function of the musical bridge. #meta

The first volume of the 3 EP set is available now, as is a browser-based video game and digital comic. Check out all three, and look for Ran on tour throughout the summer.


funky49 said...

I want to be Mega Ran when I grow up and Benjamin Bear when I retire.

Jimi said...

Language Arts v1 is a good album, as you'd expect with this bloke making it. I'm looking forward to the other two!

Z. said...

Noble goals, funk, both of 'em!

Same here, Jimi. I think Ran's really hit his stride (again!)

Jane Jackson said...

Now if only we taught kids how to eat better. Maybe if we have them sprinkle Hipster Dust on the school vegetables. Hipster Dust