Friday, May 04, 2012

There's More to Me Than You'll Ever Know

You know what? Tomorrow we'll talk about their punk rock roots, their early frat boy-style misogyny and their own odd flavor of political activism. We'll explore the ripple effect that License to Ill had on hip-hop in general, and its lingering appeal particularly to the white suburban audience. We'll dissect that shit. We'll really get our fuckin' hands dirty, you know?

Right now let's just mourn MCA. He will be forever missed.


Jimi said...

Very sad news :(

I was looking to see if they were touring in the UK any time soon only this morning, too.

Z. said...

Oddly enough, Jimi, I'd just finished reading about how MCA was unable to attend the Beastie's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction right before I heard the news. :(

Jimi said...

Call me crazy but I swear I was listening to Biggie say 'Heavy D up in the limousine' as I read that Heavy D had died.