Friday, April 13, 2012


Obviously this is the week of the indispensable EP! Hot on the heels of the latest from Tribe One we also get an equally amazing and equally free remix collection from Seattle's Supercommuter.

Remixes, Vol. 1 is six tracks strong and boasts some of Wheelie and Co's best from their first two albums reshuffled by Klopfenpop, Hanssen and their own resident Game Boy-slinger Stenobot. You may've heard some of these joints before—particularly Klopf's on my own podcast—but they combine (a la Devastator) to create an even more powerful symbiote.

Snag a copy now for your weekend enjoyment.


Jimi said...

This is so great. The fact that this is vol 1 makes me happy.

Z. said...

Yeah, Jimi, I have a feeling Supercommuter doesn't have a problem finding willing remixers. :)