Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I can't imagine Kyle and Jim planned it this way, but I consider the new Kirby Krackle video my personal Valentine's gift from the band. It's for the latest single from their amazing Super Powered Love album, "Booty Do Math," which you likely realize is one of my very favorite songs.

Like the vids for "Up, Up, Down, Down" and "Nerd Money," this one was animated by Betsy Lee. But unlike those previous efforts, this one plays out like Schoolhouse Rock! gone horribly awry... featuring cartoon R. Kelly and a protagonist that bears a passing resemblance to Assy McGee.



Jimi said...

What a crazy video!

I like it.

Z. said...

Yeah, Jimi; Booty's easy to love. ;)

Glenn Case said...

Rachael is going to LOVE this. Posted on her Facebook wall.

Z. said...

Ain't no booty like a math booty, Glenn!