Monday, January 30, 2012

The M Stands for Mike

Folks, there are a number of wonderful ways to kick off a week, but this is not one of them. Last night Nerdapalooza mainstay, Nerdy Show co-host and all around FL scene staple "Triforce" Mike Pandel was involved in a traffic accident. His injuries are serious, and he isn't expected to survive.

There's little that can be said or done to abate the pain felt by his family, his friends, his cohorts at A Comic Shop, his longtime cultural co-conspirators Hex and Cap. Instead each is left to reflect and, indeed, to grieve in his own way.

To that end, let us travel back to Nerdapalooza 2008. Specifically to that magic moment when, during the video game audience participation portion of Uncle Monsterface's show-stopping set, Mike earned his nickname. And let it stand forever as a musical tribute.

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