Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 124: The Closer

Ah, the final podcast of 2011. You've been a longtime coming.

(That's what she said!)

I always try and pull double duty with my year-end show. I want it to showcase some great cuts from the previous 12 months that I neglected to play at the time of their release, but I also want it to give you a little dose of party music for your New Year's debauchery.

Hopefully this show fits both bills.

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Show Notes:

Intro: Baddd Spellah – "Radio Free Hipster Theme (feat. Beefy)"
Who will you kiss at midnight: Beefy or Spellah? We got some Mystery Date shit goin' on over here, y'all!

Track 1: Jonathan Coulton - "Sticking it to Myself"
JoCo is the man now. Thus the sticking it to himself.

Z's 1st interlude: "Nerdy thrashers."
I finally got to see Anthrax play live this year. Achievement unlocked.

Track 2: Anthrax - "Earth on Hell"
I can't imagine the refrain of "so say we all" was included by mere happenstance.

Track 3: Community dialog / POWERLIFTER - "Level 14 (PANTHERHAMMER)"
Let me tell you what POWERLIFTER digs: parenthetical subtitles.

Track 4: The Bossfights - "Eye of the Rising Sun"
An amazing cut from a wonderful album.

Track 5: KABUTO THE PYTHON - "My Baby Left Me (for Skyrim) [feat. STD]" / Skyrim dialog
KABUTO's got them gamer rap blues!

Track 6: Threv - "SMW (Ghost House B-Boys Mix)"
Nophi's Eightest Bits is a freebie download over at Bandcamp. Get on that shit.

Track 7: Wugazi - "Nowhere To Wait"
"Hittin' straight to the chest like a Primatene mist!"

Z's 2nd interlude: "My favorite movie of the year."
If you haven't seen The Muppets yet you are part of the problem.

Track 8: Kobi LaCroix - "CNR"
Twenty-Six and a Half is a fitting tribute to the king of comic geek rock.

Track 9: Parry Gripp - "Do You Like Arby's?"
Yes, Parry. Yes I do.

Track 10: Ken Ashcorp - "20% Percent Cooler"
Our final brony track of 2011 isn't a remix of the show's original soundtrack.

Track 11: Helen Arney -"Animals (feat. Professor Elemental)"
Yep, that's chap-hop legend Professor Elemental backing up Helen on this comically erotic little number.

Track 12: Kirby Krackle - "In Another Castle"
Admittedly, this one's a bit similar to their classic "Zombie Apocalypse," but it's still a delightful musical romp.

Track 13: Adam WarRock & Mikal kHill - "Out of Gas (feat. Jesse Dangerously)"
The Browncoats Mixtape is also free. I can't imagine you haven't already snatched this one up.

Z's final interlude: "Before SOPA kicks in and shit like that is punishable by death."
That is merely a slight exaggeration.

Track 14: "Weird Al" Yankovic -"Party in the CIA"
Longtime listeners may remember that I ended my first show of 2010 with a "Party in the USA" mash-up. There's an odd symmetry there. Possibly symbolic, even.

That's all I've got left in me for the year, folks.

I mean, you'll probably get my year-end review post – wherein I choose my nerd o' the year – later this week, but musically I am spent. I'm an old man, internet.

You may notice some (amateurish) scratching on a couple of dialog samples in this episode. I bought my 6-year-old an ION Discover DJ rig for Christmas, so I figured I'd play with it myself a bit. Perhaps I will continue to experiment until I'm actually passable at such things. Or maybe I'll never touch it again.

Only time will tell. And at this point we have nothing but time.


alienbobz said...
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alienbobz said...

20 Percent Cooler is one of my favorite original pony songs. Actually I could imagine this song being bumped at a party and non bronies not knowing it is a pony song unless they really listen to it.

The Alex S. remix is also great. I keep on going back between bumping those two. There is so much great music in this community. One of the reasons I love it. Have you ever thought of doing a podcast full of pony music? Anyways Happy New Year Z!

Z. said...

Yeah, that's some subtle brony-ness in that one. :) And to answer your question, J, I have an all MLP show concept on my idea board for 2012.

alienbobz said...

Awesome. If you need any suggeestions let me know.