Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 122: Head Down or Chin Up

It seems as though I've been doing a lot of these shows lately: episodes wherein I desperately try to raise my own spirits through the power of music. I'm not exactly sure what that says about my mental wellbeing, but it's probably nothin' good.

Still, if I can somehow manage to squeeze even a little enjoyment for you the listener out of my whiny-ass angst, then at least it's good for something.

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Show Notes:

Track 1: Adam WarRock - "I Am (Not)"
This joint has served as Adam's opener during his past few shows. Really hoping he kicks off with it this Saturday in Charlotte.

Z's 1st interlude: "My very, very favorite people."
I'm serious, y'all, this is like my dream tour lineup!

Track 2: Mikal kHill & Romero Shaw - "ONLYFAM (feat. Adam WarRock, Sulfur & Tribe One)"
I've always liked the way kHill writes, but I gotta say I find the chorus of this track particularly satisfying.

Track 3: Insane Ian - "Say Accio"
Ian's Weezard EP has been a long time coming. Songs like this one make me happy it finally managed to make its way to the masses.

Track 4: Harry Potter dialog / Dedicated Servers - "S.O.S. (Save Our Selves)"
Minister Rufus Scrimgeour -- always the politician!

Track 5: Echelon High - "Voigt-Kampff (Antisoc All-Your-Blades-Are-Belong-to-Us Remix)"
Soc sent me this track a long time ago, but I only recently thought to ask for play permission. Yes, believe it or not I do sometimes do the honorable thing and ask acts before I play their shit.

Track 6: Wordburglar - "Forward Front Facer"
"I laugh when people ask if I'm nerdcore. / If you ain't smart what you listenin' to 'Burg for?"

Z's 2nd interlude: "A glimmer of light from… an adjacent tunnel."
Okay, admittedly I can sometimes turn a phrase.

Track 7: I Fight Dragons - "Down Today"
This was one of those unexpected covers that just served to remind me why I loved IFD in the first place.

Track 8: General Mumble - "Gator in the Tub"
The brony community goes out of its way to rep all the MLP characters, even lesser known critters like Gummy.

Track 9: Mikey Mason - "Me and Alan Moore's Beard"
This track runs a little long, but it's just so damned enjoyable!

Tack 10: Alan Moore interview dialog / Rae Sterling - "Blink (and I'm There)"
The bass mix in this one was a little funky, and that led to some leveling issues. Still, it's a brilliant track that I definitely wanted to share.

Z's final interlude: "Whatever kinda shit you're handling as well."
Whenever I feel down I try and remember that other people are likely struggling too. It does little to put things in perspective, but there's something about misery and company.

Track 11: Random - "Lookin' Up"
I'll go on record as saying that this is probably the ideal Random song; with a soulful hook, an uplifting message and a strong chiptune backing, it's got it all.

We only have two more shows left in 2011. The next one will, of course, be holiday-inspired, but my year-end episode is pretty open. I mean, just in case y'all wanna make any song or theme suggestions.

I don't typically look back at previous shows until year's end, and I was honestly a little surprised by my output this time around. I think the past 11 months have seen some of my best work to date. Of course that's just my own opinion, which may or may not be rooted in reality.

At any rate, I hope you've enjoyed 'em, and that you'll stick around for more.


alienbobz said...

Another great podcast. I have been in my downer mood lately again so I feel you there. I need to download that Weezard ep as I liked the song you featured. General Mumble is one of my favorite brony composers. Yes the brony community has to represent everything. Part of the reason why I love it so much.

Z. said...

Speaking of brony tunes, I think I have one lined up for the year-end show but not one for the holiday ep. Is there a version of "Winter Wrap-Up" youd' wanna hear?

alienbobz said...

There are so many versions of "Winter Wrap Up" that are great. I will think it through and let you know soon which one I want to hear.

Shannon said...

Great work! "Lookin' Up" inspired me! Thanks again for your great work.

Tom B. said...

Intrigued by the Random track. Soul, chiptunes and rap in the same song?

This has been a great year for RFH -- as always, thanks for the music, Z!

Z. said...

Thanks, Shannon. And that song really is inspirational, innit? :)

And thank you for listening, Tom.

Nathan said...

Great show! _\m/

Z. said...

Thank, Nathan!

Seth said...

Sorry you've been bummin lately, Z. From what it's worth, I can always count on RFH to bring a smile to my face each fortnight or so.

Z. said...

Happy to hear it, Seth. If RFH can conjure even half a smile from a listener I reckon I've done my part. ;)