Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Double Damage

Earlier this year MC Frontalot coordinated a Kickstarter effort to raise funds for a shiny new music video for the song "Critical Hit," the debut single from his recently released Solved LP. The nerdcore community pulled out every goddamn one o' them stops and not only met the goal but totally annihilated it! (At present, Front is sitting at over triple the requested amount.)

This means that, in addition to the previously announced video extravaganza, Frontalot now plans to craft another 2-3 additional videos including an animated epic for his Dr. Awkward/ZeaLouS1 collab "I'll Form the Head."

For the moment, though, please be content with this delightful deconstruction of the pop star lifecycle. I'm including it in my Halloween coverage because it is, on a purely existential level, sort of disturbing. Also it features the Grim Reaper, Brian Posehn and a (thankfully fictitious) MC Frontalot sex tape. All of which are rather terrifying.


funky49 said...

Thankfully fictitious? Why do you say that? The girl is cute. Go Front!

Z. said...

It's less the young lady and more the idea of a naked, writhing Damian that I find scary, Steve. ;)