Friday, June 03, 2011

Free Karl Olson

It's Friday, Friday, and common knowledge holds that you gotta get down on Friday. And I am, as always, here to aid in that getting down.

My longtime homie Ultraklystron recently hipped me to the fact that the sum total of his nerdcore output is now available for free via Bandcamp. What does this mean for you the listener? Essentially it means that everything from his 2004 otaku rap breakout LP Revision 4920 on up through 2009's Romance Language 2 are available for nuthin'. And that's somethin'. Hell, you can even cop Haven, an 11-track album boasting anime inspired DnB tracks.Which is also somethin'.

Is there a reason for Karl's new-found generosity? Is this merely a temporary fire sale? Where can I find the Picross level featured on the cover of Opensource Lyricist?

I don't have the answers to any of those questions. All I have is a link to tons of free J-culture-inspired electronica.

And I reckon that's more than enough, friends.


Karl said...

fake reason to do this:
-I totally love my fans.

real reason why i did this:
-Bandcamp gave me 1000 more free downloads over the 300 something I already had piled up. No one used them to download singles, so it was time to go big.

/even indie otaku rappers gotta hype stuff by any means possible, thanks 21st century.

Karl said...

that said, thank you for the blog post, Z. your support is always appreciated :D

Jimi said...

Ultraklystron makes good music and Karl Olson makes thoughtful and wise posts on forums I visit. He's a great guy to have in the community. Hooray for free music!

Z. said...

The pleasure is mine, Karl, and altruistic or not I do appreciate the free tunes. :)

Seconded, Jimi.