Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Parsectual Healing

He needs a friend.
It's Parsec nomination season, which means I once again get to juvenilely substitute that term for the word "sex" in the title of a pop song and feel almost clever about it. (Probably not my finest hour, but at least I make my own fun.)

Founded in 2006 by Mur Lafferty, Michael R. Mennenga and Tracy Hickman, the Parsec Awards celebrate the unholy marriage of speculative fiction and podcasting. Each year the ceremony itself is conducted at Dragon*Con with winners picked by an independent panel of judges from a number of finalists chosen by a specialized steering committee. The nominations, however, come straight from the fans themselves.

With categories ranging from the very literary ("Best Speculative Fiction Story") to the technical ("Best Podcast about Speculative Fiction Content Creation") to the distinctly community-centered ("Best Speculative Fiction Fan or News Podcast"), the Parsecs cover all the bases with regard to sci-fi, horror and fantasy fiction in podcast form. And this time around they're doing even more with the introduction of the "Best Youth Driven Speculative Fiction Podcast" category.

Last year my own Radio Free Hipster came home with the trophy for "Best Speculative Fiction Music Podcast," and it was a pretty huge moment for me. So that being said, please take a few minutes to nominate the 'casts that you think deserve a little attention. Am I gonna ask you to toss my name in the hat again? Sure. I mean, if you feel like it. Of course, if you're short on inspiration I could also recommend a few suitable candidates for both Magazine or Anthology and Fact Behind the Fiction Podcast.

I'm just sayin'.


Secret Cloud said...

Tried filling out an application for the homie Z. tonight. However, I ran into a few complications which you might want to address to make it easier for noobs.

What do we enter for:
-RSS feed *
-Author/Creator's Name *
-Podcast Contact Email *

& I assume the best category to nominate for would be "Best Speculative Fiction Music Podcast" again?

I shall return to cast my ballot when these questions are addressed. Good luck my friend.

Z. said...

Excellent questions, Secret Cloud! Those ballots are oddly specific.

The podcast feed is
The creator's name is Z.
Lastly, my contact addy is hipsterplease-at-gmail-dot-com

And thanks! :)

Secret Cloud said...

Awesome, shall fill this out tomorrow morning. Figured it was Z. but wasn't sure if they needed full name etc. Perhaps this will help a few others fill it out also.

Good luck!

Z. said...

Thanks, brother!