Monday, April 11, 2011

Capital Ideas

So you've already got your tax money in hand, huh? You've paid some bills, maybe bought yourself some nice new duds. Oh, and donated to our Japanese brothers and sisters, of course. But you've still got more cash than you know what to do with, right?

Well, I'm here to help. Or more to the point KickStarter is here to help.

Sometimes artists are long on ideas but short on funds, and that's where fan-sourcing for scratch comes in.

My boy Insane Ian, for example, was all ready to drop his new CD/DVD combo Grand Theft Audio when he ran out of money. That sadly put the kibosh on his plans for an epic collection of live and b-side material, fresh new music vids and other assorted madness. Currently he's about month out from the KickStarter deadline and approximately one-third of the way to his goal, so if you like your music with a healthy dose of comedy you'll wanna consider ponying up.

You naughty boys and girls, however, may be more inclined to help out rocker Americans UK in their latest effort. Departing the world of comic book rock for the land of sassy sexitude, their forthcoming release Luxuria promises "smooth jazz, new wave, easy listening, and bachelor pad music." So it's fitting that the lads are collecting funds for a proper vinyl pressing. With only a couple of weeks left to go Am UK is still 500 bones short, so dig deep, my friends.


Tom B. said...

MC Lars is passing the hat around, too:

Jimi said...

I didn't realise Lars had such a big hat!

Z. said...

I just got that message from Lars myself, Tom. And thanks to you now I don't have to amend the post to include it. ;)

His hat is the stuff of legend, Jimi!