Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Up Chip Creek

I currently have what can only be properly quantified as a metric shit-ton of half-finished album reviews sitting on my hard drive. Staring at me. Accusingly. But today I have elected to ignore their bitter gaze in favor of attending to another issue.

Recently there has been a shift in what I like to term my most-asked-question™. This has historically been a title held by nerdcore-related queries, but the crown has been usurped by a distinctly chiptune-y brand of ephemera. Specifically, people want to know what chip albums I am currently listening too.

Admittedly I am not a chiptune authority – I am much more well versed in the areas of nerdy rock or hip-hop – but, as the Supreme Court said in regards to pornography, I know what I like.

Wait a minute; I think that last bit may be incorrect.

No matter.

It just so happens that three new chiptune albums recently made their way into heavy rotation on my end, so here is the straight poop on the content and location of each.

Videogame Orchestra – BiTBOTiZED
Joe (of Spheres of Chaos fame) always keeps me in the loop re: new Pterodactyl Squad releases, and that netlabel is currently home to the latest and greatest from phenomenal Greek duo Videogame Orchestra. BiTBOTiZED sees the guys recreating some of their favorite 20th century standards via the power of their own ultra lo-fi electronica. From The Blues Brothers to Screamin' Jay Hawkins to Nina Simone, Videogame Orchestra manages to put a distinctly digital face on the iconic music of yesteryear. Best of all, it's free. So get on that shit right now.

Bit_Rat – Alberta EP
While you're perusing the fine wares at Pterodactyl Squad, you'll also wanna cop the frenetic new EP from Canadian chip artist Bit_Rat. Created over the span of a single 15 hour session, the Alberta EP melds old school tech and new school dance beats to honor Rat's homeland in song. The final product rests in a weird stylistic zone between IDM and digital hardcore. An odd juxtaposition, to be sure, but it totally works.

Doctor Octoroc - Shamroctoroc
My final selection comes from none other than my boy Doctor Octoroc. One of many esteemed physicians frequently celebrated here at Hipster, please! – alongside his fellows Dr. Awkward and Doctor Popular – his newest release is a uniquely seasonal affair. Dropped in anticipation of the forthcoming cultural booze-fest known as St. Patrick's Day, it features chiptune covers of classic Irish folk ballads and drinking songs. Unlike the previous selections Shamroctoroc will set you back 6 bones, but it's a small price to pay for 13 tracks of 8-bit Celtic goodness.


Church said...
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Jimi said...

I LOVE Videogame Orchestra! Thanks for keeping me up to date with them! I am also fond of the Octoroc's antics. Will have to check out this Bit_Rat fellow!

Jimi said...

p.s. Goo Goo Stack on that Videogame Orchestra release is making me so happy!

Shannon said...

Agreed! Goo Goo Stack lives in our car stereo now. Thanks for the tip!!

The Efts

Z. said...

Glad you're enjoying 'em, Jimi and Shannon! :)