Friday, March 18, 2011

A Magic Missile on My Heart

Lately I've noticed a disproportionate number of female musicians crafting songs about D&D. Okay, admittedly in this context "disproportionate" means >1, but I'd still call that anomalous.

I'm certainly not saying that ladies don't game, nor am I saying that they don't make music. It's just that the overlap on that particular Venn diagram is fairly slim. Or at least it used to be. So here's to positive change!

This one comes to us from Portland duo The Doubleclicks, composed of sisters Angela and Aubrey. They're a self-described "nerd folk" duo heavily inspired by geek rock icons They Might Be Giants, anti-folker Kimya Dawson and nerd troubadour Jonathan Coulton – which certainly comes through in this particular track.

The video below is for the song "This Fantasy World" from their Beta Testing 1-2-3 EP, and it was animated by Brad Jonas. More importantly it is far superior anything Stephen Lynch has ever done. But then again, what isn't?


Shannon said...

We. Love. This. So. Hard.

Thanks for helping us find this band!! This reminds us of Kim Deal, but much more fun.

Excellent find!

Shannon & Loretta

Insane Ian said... don't like Stephen Lynch?

Jimi said...

I love it! I also like some of the other stuff I encountered on their site.

Cheers, Z

Z. said...

Glad you dug it, Shannon. It's already made the rounds through a lot of other blogs, but I liked it so much I felt I needed to share.

I kid the Stephen Lynch, Ian, although I am a bigger fan of comedy music than musical comedy.

Yeah, Jimi, I think they've got some other geeky musical jewels over there.

Jimi said...

BTW I think the link behind "The Doubleclicks" is broken

Z. said...

It's working for me, Jimi. Maybe a Twitter hiccup? What kinda error did it give ya?

Jimi said...

Aaah, it seems not to work for me when I have it set to 'Old Twitter' but fine on new. Sorry for causing undue distress!

Z. said...

No worries, Jimi. I had begun to expect it might be an old Twitter vs. new Twitter issue.