Monday, February 21, 2011

A Very Special Episode

"Plat it loud!
As my frequent co-conspirator Matt was quick to point out, I have been going through a bit of a heavy metal phase of late.

I blame the beard.

Seriously, I challenge any of you guys out there – or any of you ladies, if you think you're up to the task – to grow a beard and tell me you don't feel measurably more metal. Shit, the only thing more metal than beards are tattoos, stripper girlfriends and abject poverty!

This inherent metalosity is important because just last week I continued my streak of managing to weasel my way onto podcasts I actually listen to with the most recent edition of the Heavy Half Hour – episode 20, for those of you playing at home. In case you are unaware of this little jewel, it's a weekly feature from my pal Steve (AKA: Bonehand) wherein he devotes 30 minutes to spotlighting independent music which skews more toward the heavy side of the spectrum. From thrash and death metal to hard rock and punk, the Heavy Half Hour is "Your Straight Shot of the Hard Stuff."

This time around the focus was on nerd metal, which I reckon explains my presence. Me and Steve talked about the geeky roots of heavy music, the might of the VGM cover and also how Klingon is metal as fuck.

It's actually nearly twice as long as a regular episode, and we play everything from The Bossfights to Year 200x. Steve even gave me ample opportunity to rep Seattle's late, great edu-core titans Blöödhag, and I know you'll wanna check that out!

If you dig music with a bit more of an aggressive edge, of if you just really wanna here me do my Lemmy impression, definitely give the show a listen. It's good stuff, and I had an amazing time contributing.

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