Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Nerdy Little Secret

Seattle's superhero community is at it again. No, not this guyKirby Krackle!

The band's newest video (and de facto single from my pick for 2010 album of the year, E for Everyone) "Secret Identity" just hit the YouTubes. Animated in the charming, manga-influenced style of Betsy Lee, it's a proper tribute to true working class heroes.

Peep the embed below, and then be sure to hit up the official Kirby Krackle YouTube channel to give Jim, Kyle and Betsy some love.


MC-3PO said...

I am such an unabashedly huge Kirby Krackle fan. We played a show with them a few months back, and they were just amazing -- we'll be playing with them again on the 20th, and I couldn't be more excited.

Z. said...

I still haven't seen the full band perform, 3P, but Kyle killed it acoustic-style at last year's Nerdapalooza. I'm pretty sure that Kirby Krackle is my new Optimus Rhyme.