Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Proof is the Pudding

I am often reminded that I don't have to understand something to enjoy it.


I have no idea how Silly Putty works, but I love that shit. I mean it's pliable and bounces, and yet it also lets me transfer pictures from the Sunday funnies. What the fuck, Silly Putty?!

Equally baffling are Virginia's Illbotz. Are Stevie D, Big Perm and Poe Mack a comical hip-hop group? A crew of rap-minded musical comedians? Three hobos rhyming for meth money? I have no idea.

What I do know is that their latest full-length Pudding is Delicious is set to drop on February 1st. Sadly, that's pretty much all I've been able to deduce from the guys' recent barrage of YouTube promos. I mean, in the first spot we see… Stevie's kitchen? His cat? Some puddin'? Okay, I guess that last part's relevant, and we do get to hear a bit of the album's title track.

In the second promo video we watch Stevie D enjoying some delicious pudding. (Presumably the same cup he found in the previous installment.) We're also treated to some shots of Perm dancing. But again the important thing is another teaser clip from a new song. This one appears to be about asses. And Pop-Tarts.

Okay, honestly there are seven of these and they all continually cast our Illbotic heroes as unlikely pitchmen. You can peep my favorite below or watch 'em all at Stevie D's YouTube channel. Either way just prepare yourself for the impending pudding apocalypse.


Church said...

I have a love/hate thing going on with Illbotz so far. Oddly, it's on a track-to-track basis.

Nicholas said...

These dudes crack me up. AND they get the party started. Can't beat that!

E.T. said...

These guys are awesome.

Z. said...

I suppose that's understandable, Church. They tend to cover a lot of musical ground.

Glad they keep you laughing, Nicholas. I am firmly in the same camp.

I can't help but agree, E.T.

Tobie said...

I love silly putty too, i used to marvel at how the hairs got stuck in it and snapped.

Z. said...

It has mystical properties, Tobie.

Mikal kHill said...

The Illbotz rock the spot AND go crazy.