Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Kyle of the Dead

Today Seattle geek rockers Kirby Krackle released another amazing video, this one for the track "Zombie Apocalypse" from their self-titled album. It's still a few weeks yet before I shift into full-on Halloween mode, but I wanted to go ahead and share this one.

Y'know, 'cause of the unmitigated awesome.

The project was animated by Damon O'Keefe and Daisy Church, formally of the Metalocalypse team, and, aside from the requisite zombie hijinks, contains a number of notable in-jokes. Keep an eye out early on for an obvious homage to Shaun of the Dead, and again shortly thereafter for a nod to Wright's Hot Fuzz.

Oh, and Black Lantern Jim is my new favorite Kirby Krackle member.


Church said...

No, you punch sharks in the nose. And knowing is half the battle...

Z. said...

G.I. Jooooeeeee!