Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Coming Gamepocalypse

Contrary to popular belief, Nerdapalooza isn't the only charitable musical geek-out going. In fact, next Saturday, August 14th, my friends from Extra Life Houston are pulling together games, music and madness for the best of causes in the form of Video Game Armageddon.

Yes, kind of like "Video Armageddon" from The Wizard. Only with more awesome. And less Fred Savage.

Part retro game tournament, part concert and all party, VGA is an 18-and-up event hosted at Houston's Numbers, sponsored by Extra Life and benefitting The Children's Miracle Network and the Texas Children's Hospital. Doors open at 7 o'clock in the PM, with the music kicking off at 7:15. And, when I say music I fuckin' mean it!

Local legend and nerdcore pioneer MC Router will be on-hand as will Shoelace, Jus Coz, Sievert, Dirk Strangely and the Hatchetmen, and my main man Jonny Nero Action Hero. All leading up to the night's headliner, my other main man Dr. Awkward.

All this for the crazy-low price of 10 bucks, and the first 250 people in get a free $5 gift card from the fine folks at Games Plus.

And speaking of the games, the preliminaries of the gaming tournament kick off this Friday at Joystix from 9:00 PM to close, and continue Saturday at Player 1 Video Games from 2:00 to 5:00 PM. The semifinalists will duke it out at the event-proper leading, of course, the triumphant conclusion wherein the finalists will face each other on stage with a secret game.

To the winner go the spoils, and in this case said spoils are provided by ThinkGeek and Geek Soap. I believe we can safely assume our winner will be both properly entertained and sweet-smelling as a direct result.

As for regular attendants, costumes are encouraged, with the best one netting tickets to an as-yet unnamed upcoming music festival. So clearly there is something for everyone.

Please come out, support a good cause and give proper love to all my peeps (Jonny, Awk, Jesus from Space City Nerd, et al.) Oh, and take lots of pictures. I have a working theory that everything is actually the exact same size in Texas as everywhere else in the world, and I need photographic evidence to back up my claim.


MC Router said...


antisoc said...

I would totally be there if I didn't have a party to go to that night.

This sounds so off the hook, it's practically swimming free in the lake.

Z. said...

I'm serious, Router. Things are no bigger in Texas. You guys are lying, and I am hip to the jive! ;)

Oh you're a clever one, Soc. Clever indeed!