Thursday, July 29, 2010

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 92: A Change of Pace

I am making a concerted effort to stop talking about Nerdapalooza. At least for a while.

I mean, I've said a lot, but I could say more. Still, I think it's time we move on to other issues.

Wait – what else has been going on?

Seriously, though, this episode of Radio Free Hipster serves as my transition from full-on festival mode back to… whatever the hell it is that I do under regular circumstances.

So kick back, relax and enjoy the tuneage.

Download Radio Free Hipster Ep. 92: A Change of Pace [hosting provided by Antisoc] Size: 44.7 MB Running Time: 48:49

Show Notes:

Intro: Baddd Spellah – "Radio Free Hipster Theme (feat. Beefy)"
The show theme is my one perfect constant in a ever-changing world. 

Track 1: 8bit bEtty – "crimson dreams (8bit bEtty vs Doctor Popular vs crashfaster)"
You've played KnifeTank, right? It's only, like, the best game ever. 

Z's 1st interlude: "A double dose of his Beefyness."
Much like money and RAM, you can never have too much Beefy.

Track 2: The Bossfights – "Frontalots"
Probably the single greatest moment of Nerdapalooza 2010 was The Bossfights' live reveal of this track. 

Track 3: G3RST – "Love Exploder (Jefferson Airplane vs. Tenacious D)"
It's been a long time since The D has graced this podcast. Too long, I'd say. 

Track 4: Molly Lewis – "Poker Face"
There are a ton of nerd (and non-nerd) covers of "Poker Face," but none are like Molly's. 

Track 5: Half Baked dialog / mc chris – "i heart drugs"
mc chris isn't exactly renowned for his filk-style parody tracks, but this one is surely a keeper! 

Track 6: Sci-Fried – "Don't Phase Me Bro"
There's the slightest hint of Suicidal Tendencies "Institutionalized" in this one. 

Track 7: Injury – "Above the Clouds"
I decided to say fuck convention and use lengthy instrumentals, which I usually reserve for mid-set pieces, as closing tracks. I think it really gives this ep. a different feel. 

Z's 2nd interlude: "The lovely and talented Injury."
Starla was one of the many amazing artists I met at this year's Nerdapalooza. 

Track 8: Girl Talk – "Once Again"
As I mentioned in-show, this one's for my pal Data Vortex. 

Track 9: Phoenix Wright dialog / My Parents' Favorite Music – "For Beatrice"
It's so good to have Steffo back!!! 

Track 10: HDninja – "The Romero-Hyrule Disconnection"
Damn. I really should've saved this one for Halloween… 

Track 11: The Blues Brothers dialog / The Megas – "Sunglasses at Night"
I've gotta give it up for The Megas' new Sparked a War EP. It really makes me look forward to their new album. 

Track 12: funky49 – "Fireflies Remix"
My only concern with funky49 joining Emergency Pizza Party was that it might preclude him from doing his own solo work and crafting his amazing remixes. This track puts my mind at ease. 

Z's final interlude: "And musical convalescence."
In truth, I am only now recovering from Nerdapalooza weekend. 

Track 13: Matt Ryd – "Romeo and Juliet"
I would be totally content with ending every episode with a Matt Ryd cover. And yet I resist. All in the name of variety.

I think I'm going to me doing un-themed shows throughout August. September will no doubt feature some drunken podcasting, I'll bust out the Halloween crap-tacular in October and we'll wind the year down in December with the regularly scheduled tomfoolery.

Somewhere in there I may do a Star Trek themed show, but I make no promises.

Also, if my calculations are correct, I should hit episode #100 in November. I still have no idea how to commemorate this milestone, so feel free to float me some suggestions.


B-Type said...

lol Beatrice is me

Z. said...

Steffo thinks you're a lady! :P

DV said...

Looks like another awesome one with lots of stuff to make me feel nostalgic about Nerdapalozoa. Can't wait to listen later today!

Z. said...

Can't wait for you to hear it, Data! :)

MPFM said...

HA! Z., that was the file name! The name of the song is "Lavos". And I'm sure it's unfinished, but consider it a demo if anything :) Thanks for throwing me in the mix!

DV said...

Fantastic show, loved every minute. Thanks for playing the Girl Talk! I rocked out in rush hour.

Z. said...

Oh balls, Steffo! Sorry for the unintentional leak. :(

Glad it suited, Data. I think this was one of my favorite eps. of recent memory.