Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Radio Free Hipster Special Edition: I Wanna Parsecs You Up

First off, I wanna say thanks. Once again I scored a proper nomination in the "Best Speculative Fiction Music Podcast" category of the 2010 Parsec Awards. I truly appreciate all who took the time to spread the word about my little show.

This renegade project of mine isn't exactly the kind of thing that tends to win awards – and it's certainly debatable whether I'll fare any better this year than last – but it's nice to be recognized, especially by the nerd community at large.

Since I try to function with a certain amount of transparency, I figured I'd once again share with you the mini-cast I presented to the judging panel. Putting together a short retrospective is a fun affair for me, and doubly so when I get to include a trio of my very favorite songs from recent memory.

So give it a listen and lemme know what you think. And maybe light a candle for me around Dragon*Con time.

Download Radio Free Hipster Special Edition: I Wanna Parsecs You Up (2010 Parsec Awards Sampler) [hosting provided by Antisoc] Size: 9.15 MB Running Time: 9:58

Show Notes:

Intro: Baddd Spellah – "Radio Free Hipster Theme (feat. Beefy)"
I still feel bad talking over the theme music. I mean, Spellah and Beef do a fine job rockin' the thing up without me drawling all atop it.

Track 1: Kirby Krackle - "Ring Capacity"
As much as I love the new releases from Beefy and MC Frontalot, I still have to say that E for Everyone is my early front-runner for album of the year. It's up there with Hell Bent for Letters, Scarred for Life and Bremelanotide as near-flawless contemporary geek rock classics.
Originally included in Radio Free Hipster Ep. 70: Pajama Jams (July 2009)

Track 2: John Anealio - "Rachel Rosen"
John's Sci Fi Songs was sort of my pick for sleeper hit of 2009. I mean, I knew I loved his songwriting style and fantastic choice of subject matter thanks to his blog of the same name, but the album really managed to bridge this gap between modern nerdy guitar rock and classic filk. I've yet to hear another artist truly accomplish that.
Originally included in Radio Free Hipster Ep. 82: The Voight-Pop Test (January 2010)

Track 3: Supercommuter - "Itty Bitty Pigeons"
My love for Optimus Rhyme is well known and my disappointment over their passing well documented. But between the amazing array of post-break-up EPs and the nerdcore/chip-hop juggernaut that is Supercommuter, I have managed to keep my weeping and tormented wailing to a bare minimum.
Originally included in Radio Free Hipster Ep. 71: Lullabies from the Underground (August 2009)

And now, with this ticked off my list, I return to editing Radio Free Hipster Ep. 89. For anyone who forgot, it's another Wil Wheaton mixtape. Excited? You should be.

Expect it in early June. Consider it my last hurrah before the sweltering summer months.


funky49 said...

In Florida, the sweltering summertime has been here for the last month or so.

I wake up at night to wipe grease from my face because my skin will get so oily now.



Church said...

Is there a list of current nominees on their site? I can't find it.

Z. said...

Are you trying to dissuade me from attending Nerdapalooza, Steve? Theses tales of oppressive heat scare me!

I don't think they've released that, Church. Last year they waited until they'd chosen the finalists before they revealed a comprehensive list.

JaySlacks said...

You deserve every award you might get, sir. Even the ones you don't deserve!

Z. said...

Aw, thanks, Jarvis! Your too ki... Wait; what?

DV said...

Can't wait, the last mixtape is among my favorite episodes and I still go back and play it sometimes.


Z. said...

Fun fact, Data: that mash-up is by CheapyD of CheapAssGamer.com fame! #themoreyouknow