Monday, May 03, 2010

Move Somethin'

Like the turning of the tides and the shifting of great tectonic plates, the clockwork of the universe is at play even here at Hipster, please! While the blog itself will appear unchanged, my longtime friend and selfless host Antisoc has just migrated the various and sundry media files (specifically stuff like albums and podcasts) to a shiny new server.

What this means for me is countless mind-numbing hours of checking and updating reference URLs. What this means for you is… well, hopefully nothing. The idea is that you won't notice anything and the site will function exactly the same on the front-end. But, as SLI was quick to point out, those are famous last words from the IT set.

So, now that my back alley workings have been laid bare to the harsh light of day, please be so kind as to let me know if I fucked anything up. If you click on a link (either here or over at the dedicated podcast blog) expecting to download some free entertainment but instead find yourself faced with the dreaded 404, just shoot me a message to let me know.

You are my eyes and ears in this matter.

And, while I'm taking a moment out of my regularly scheduled blogging to address these potential technical issues, let me also use this opportunity to once again thank Antisoc for putting me up rent-free for lo these many years. Anytime you check out a new ep. of Radio Free Hipster or share Old Nerdy Bastard with a friend, you're helping to burn through his bandwidth.

To steal a line from the great Wordburglar, I can't make a move without that guy; he's my legs!

Y'all give it up for him, please.


antisoc said...

I just see this as my contribution to the nerdcore community as a whole. Free hosting is the least I can do. Z, you do the hard part, I just sit there while my server does all the work.

Z. said...

You're too kind, Soc. Too kind!

Jimi said...

Hooray for Antisoc!

Church said...

I've said it before, but not often enough. Huzzah, Soc!

Z. said...

Thanks for helping me thank the man behind the scenes, Jimi and Church!