Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nerd News in Brief

Before I kick off this edition of Nerd News in Brief, I have to pose a question to my geektastic readership, particularly those of the southern persuasion: who else plans to catch the mc chris/I Fight Dragons show at Atlanta's Masquerade next month?

It's a Thursday night gig – scheduled for November 12th, for those of you too lazy to click the above link – so the ticket price is only $12. Plus, it's going down in the level of the venue known as Hell on the eve of the traditional day of great misfortune, so it's got that going for it.
  • Late to the Party: As promised, here's a link to the first half of Epic Default Productions' most epic drunkcast. Featuring me. Shitfaced.
  • You've Come a Long Way, Baby: For an amazing look in the rearview mirror of nerdom, check out Newsweek's slideshow about the origin of the Star Trek convention. It also strikes an odd chord when compared to this Airlock Alpha piece regarding the Trek XI's cast unwillingness to get their con on.
  • The Future is Now: In a related story, Church was quick to point out that George Takei and Brad Altman are the first gay contestants to appear on The Newlywed Game. Boldly going where no self-respecting gay men have gone before.
  • Sink the Green: Oh, and he also followed up with news about a book called Gender and Sexuality in Star Trek. I don't even have a joke for this. Color me intrigued.
  • Guess Who's Back: And just when you thought you'd seen the weirdest Star Trek story of this round-up: Klingon Eminem.
  • True Player for Free: You can currently download the video for MC Lars's "True Player for Real" from iTunes for the low, low price of nothing. Get on that shit.
  • My Little PWNies: Also from Church comes news that nerdy art emporium Nakatomi has garnered some love from the Washington Times. Props to Tim Doyle for playing the ultra-rare "dork" card in the write-up.
  • Gut-Chomping Glory: Solidly in the Halloween vein, here's a CNN piece on why we love zombies. I'd thank everyone who passed it on to me, but I'm afraid that would eat up the rest of my weekly word allotment.
  • Parts is Parts: In more actual music news, you can pre-order mc chris's Part Six Part Three right the fuck now. You know you want it.
  • Look at His Mouth: And speaking of the souls of the damned, mCRT dropped a new video this week. You can peep "I'm A Shark" over at the YouTubes. You can also hear Rob serving as the host of his own live internet radio show on RKOL. Do I even need to give that a content warning?
  • Must Spell TV: If your internet entertainment needs skew toward things a bit less profane, be sure to check out Potter TeeVee. It's a new 24/7 Potter fandom-centered online television network. What's not to love?
  • Napping With Steffo: Back in the land of Shit-You-Should-Buy, we find some amazing new offerings from My Parents Favorite Music. Not only can you snag all three of the group's official releases, but you can also pick up t-shirts and hoodies. And pillows… blankets… hockey jerseys… I guess what I'm saying here is everyone else needs to step up their merch game.
  • Rhymes From the Future That Will Take You to the Past: Hip-hopper par excellence and coder girl enthusiast Dale Chase recently released a remix of "Original Digital Gangsters" by MC Lars, YTCracker and in eighty. It's the kind of thing you need to download. Now-ish.
  • Sweet Lemon-aid: On the subject of Digital Gangsters, there is also this. That horse truly is amazing.
  • Making the Band: And speaking of Lars, be sure to check out his latest podcast. It concerns the new Schaffer the Darklord album Manslaughterer. Which is awesome.
  • His Name was Lucifer: In one last piece of Lars-related news, funky49's remix of "Roomate from Hell" is freely available from his site. It too is awesome.
  • The Language of Music: While I still retain my fear of zombies, I am rapidly becoming more concerned by the threat of robots. What with the crazy new heights achieved in the field of artificial intelligence and all. As Masu shows us via this clip, science has recently taught a piano how to talk. And apparently it's pretty concerned with preserving the environment. I feel my fears are justified.
  • Magically Prolific: If you've been wondering what Harry and the Potters have been getting into lately, the answer appears to be… everything. The guys have some special gigs lined up for both Halloween and early November. Part of the latter includes a spot at Maine's Wrock 4 Equality event. Check out their site for full details.
  • It was so Much Better When I Wasn't a Zombie: Closing out this edition of NNIB is the video for the song "I Love Brains" by ALL CAPS, a project of The Parselmouths' Kristinia Horner and Luke Conard from Ministry of Magic. The clincher is that all the songs on their new album were written via email correspondence. They're like Supercommuter, with a smaller carbon footprint.


Church said...

Despite the fact that The GF is only amused, I still feel the need to point out that it's George and Brad who are "Boldly going where no self-respecting gay men have gone before."

Z. said...

Yeah, Church, you go places that are best avoided by self-respecting gay men. ;)

Church said...

Also (wait, what did you say?) Anyhoo, Bill Gibson is almost as creeped out by that damn piano as I am.