Wednesday, October 21, 2009

3 Halloween Treats

Last year I put together a list of timely releases to help y'all round out those ever-important All Hallows' playlists. I liked the concept so much that I have elected to bring it back this year. (Hey, what you call lazy writing I prefer to think of as a "regular feature!")

I padded the original "5 Halloween Treats" post with some of my trademark snark, in that case directed at those who would water-down the Halloween experience. But, rather than completely retread my previous writing, for this go-round I'll instead cut directly to the chase: keep Halloween evil.

I'm certainly not suggesting that you sacrifice a goat or anything, but rather that we stop trying to sanitize our sinister seasonal imagery. It's not a "fall carnival" or a "harvest festival;" it's a goddamn Halloween party!

Halloween is the one night a year when it's totally okay to get into the full spirit of the silly and the supernatural, when it's fine to eat too much candy and scare the shit out of yourself. In short, it gives you carte blanche to loose your inner child, as gross or grimy or creepy as he may be.

With that in mind, here are some albums to expedite that process.

Yeah, this one is sort of a given. When I reviewed Schaffer the Darklord's latest release earlier this month, I made reference to the fact that "Monsters of Rock (feat. MC Lars)" is a proper Halloween banger. Then I reiterated this by kicking off my latest podcast with that same macabre ditty, but STD has even more to offer in this vein. (A pun!) "Buckets of Blood (feat. KABUTO THE PYTHON)" and "The Invisible Man (feat. Shael Riley)," are two competent additions to any horror-themed set, and "The Other Devil" – my favorite song at present – works perfectly in that context as well. Manslaughterer is a Halloween must-buy.


Fans of Schaffer's rocked-up brand of rap will also likely enjoy the chippy reinterpretations of The Misfits' horror punk classics featured on CalmDownKidder's recently released Eightbreeders tribute. Nearly two years in the making, this 10-track freebie manages to pack an amazingly satisfying punch, easily matching the unabashed listenability of other high profile chip tributes like The 8-bit Album and Da Chip. J. Arthur Keenes' "Skulls," also featured on the most recent episode of RFH, 8-bit Weapon's "Die Die My Darling" and Bit Shifter's "AngelFuck" are instant classics. But personally, nothing puts me in a Halloween-y mood quite like Baron Knoxbury's take on "Some Kinda Hate" and ComputeHer's perfect reinvention of "I Turned Into A Martian."

Amor Sanguinis:

Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't also pimp the neo-gothic horror of The Bloodclan's recent debut album Amor Sanguinis. Steeped firmly in White Wolf's fully realized (if occasionally convoluted) World of Darkness, it's a gory love letter to Vampire: The Masquerade that, for some strange reason, has yet to generate the buzz it rightly deserves. A highly-specialized collaboration between Scrub Club's MC Loki and Versus Mode finalist Diabeats, much of its lyrical esoteria may be lost on non-gamers/LARPers, but the premise is fairly simple: vampires are real. Got it? Good, 'cause, with that base covered, you can properly enjoy the horrifying hedonism of "Vampire Party," the eerie seduction of "Let Me In" and apocalyptic closer "Gehenna."


Matt said...

I've got to agree on the Blood Clan recommendation. This thing keeps crawling back up to the top of my iPod again and again. Great fucking EP.

MC Loki said...

Here's my mandatory PSA stating that I'm not on Scrub Club. MadHatter and I are down for life, but if I can ever make money doing what I do, I'm going to take that chance in an instant. I respect Hatter too much to ever "bite the hand that feeds," so to speak.

Anyways, thanks for the ton of love, Z! Diabeats and I appreciate it muy mucho!

Z. said...

I just can't figure out, Matt, why you and I are the only cats talking about it!

Duly noted, Loki, and glad to do it. :)

Laika said...

100% of McDonalds employees polled loved Amor Sanguinis

Z. said...

Then McDonald's and I are in agreement. For once. ;)

MC Loki said...

Laika was bumping this in the drive-thru. The dude working the window heard the intro for Sword of Caine and I guess wigged the hell out.

Z. said...

Terrorizing the drive-through workers? That's just cold! ;)