Monday, August 03, 2009

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 71: Lullabies from the Underground

I am beginning to think that my un-themed episodes are simply multi-themed. I mean, this time around we get half a set about robots, multiple references to Final Fantasy and tons of cover tunes. All unintentional, I might add!

But subject-centered or otherwise, this is a show I'm quite proud of because it covers all the bases. From nerdy rap and geek rock to bootlegs and chip music, it moves around a lot, but I find it a consistently good listen.

I sure hope you feel the same.

Download Radio Free Hipster Ep. 71: Lullabies from the Underground [hosting provided by Antisoc] Size: 47.3 MB Running Time: 51:42

Show Notes:

Intro: Baddd Spellah – "Radio Free Hipster Theme (feat. Beefy)"
Featuring the dulcet tones of Mr. Beef Thompson.

Track 1: Wordburglar – "S'up Burg"
Burg is not nerdcore, but I believe his style hits close enough to attract both that audience and more traditional heads. And, for my money, you just can't beat Canadian hip-hop.

Z's 1st interlude: "Made of win and liquid awesome."
Give Burgie's Basement a listen and tell me otherwise. I dare ya!

Track 2: ToToM – "Freight Train Control"
Dylan Mashed is one of those projects that borders on madness. I heartily approve.

Track 3: Supercommuter – "Itty Bitty Pigeons"
Let me again urge you to pre-order the CD version of Supercommuter. You'll score the MP3 version early.

Track 4: Random – "Short Circuit"
Though it's been pulled, you can still find DaChip out there. Plus, there's an additional disc of bonus cuts!

Track 5: Facts of Life dialog / The Four Eyes – "Goin' Berzerk"
Why did all the episodes concerning sex always cast poor Natalie in precarious situations?

Track 6: I KILL PXLS – "My Final Fantasy"
I KILL PXLS has lots of free tracks available at his site. Peruse them at your leisure.

Track 7: Wilbert Roget II – "I Can Still Do Vibrato"
One of the many perks of having a pal like Shael is getting weird-ass album recommendations like Songs to Giraffe.

Track 8: Uncle Monsterface – "Toxic"
I understand Monsterface Industries is working on a new project at present. Color me excited.

Z's 2nd interlude: "I am a man who loves him some Facts of Life."
The facts of life are all about me. Or so says the theme song.

Track 9: Americans UK – "If You See Us Running, You Better Run With Us "
I'm heavily into AUK right now. They've got the same sort of musical appeal as, say, The Buzzcocks (with maybe a pinch of Leatherface). Plus, the lads are comic nerds, so that earns 'em extra points.

Track 10: Stevie Kincade – "Aquareous"
Aussie rappers join Canadian and Seattle-area rappers as the perfect trifecta of genuine hip-hop and unbridled nerdiness.

Track 11: DJ Schmolli – "The Trooper Believer"
Man, this song is gonna piss Maiden fans off! ;)

Track 12: Bit Shifter – "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"
I am enamored with what grace Bit Sifter slides in some "Wave of Mutilation" into this track.

Track 13: Kwikspell – "Ode to Umbridge"
Kwikspell's debut is a little rough around the edges production-wise (which I'd argue actually adds an interesting garage aesthetic), but it shows some really clever songwriting. Plus, she collaborates with what has got to be the best named Wrock outfit ever: Statutory Snape!

Z's final interlude: "An exciting new way to leave feedback."
Feel free to use the widget in the sidebar to leave me a Google Voice message.

Track 14: Dual Core "Here to Help" / Beefy's voicemail
I actually got to meet Remington Forbes a couple months back. Seeing him and eighty on stage together was awe-inspiring. I will always consider him to be Dual Core's unofficial third member.

Beefy was nice enough to break in my Google Voice mailbox last weekend, so I happily included his message at the end of the show.

That Beefy, he's m'boy.

I've already got a few things cooking for upcoming episodes. I've invited MadHatter to come on and give me a Nerdapalooza recap, as well as drop some knowledge regarding Scrub Club. I've also got plans for another romantically-themed show, and my friend Cromer had requested that I again let my kids help me put together an ep.

Not sure which come first, and I reserve the right to get sidetracked, but those are all show ideas that currently tickle my fancy. If you've got something you'd like to hear, don't be afraid to speak up. I live for your input.


DJ Schmolli said...

thanx for the support!


Dave White said...

Sadly, I think Dual Core's "Here to Help" pretty accurately describes my day job right now.

Z. said...

The pleasure was all mine, Schmolli!

Same here, Dave. Same here. :(

Shael Riley said...

I can do vibrato. I've been practicing.

Z. said...

It's pretty cool.

Kwik said...

Yay! Thanks for your support, Z! I've been working on the quality of my songs, too! "Letters from Hogwarts" is gonna be all awesome and stuff. Until then, keep digging the meloncholy lo-fi!

-Bethany of Kwikspell

Z. said...

Dig it I will, Bethany! :)

Stevie said...

Good selections man and many thanks for playing "Aquareous"

Z. said...

Glad to do it, Stevie. This was one of my personal favorite shows, and "Aquareous" was a big part of it!

Shaded Spriter said...

12 of the Tracks in this episode I REALLY love...I mean so much so I am wanting to actually buy albums now. Unfortunately I am in £1000 of over draft at the I am sticking with transfering it to my normal play list until I have money and getting the Freebees.

Z. said...

Glad you found so many tracks to your liking, SS! But tough break on that overdraft. :(