Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Playing Catch-up

It is apparently kick-ass new album season, and I'm having a little trouble keeping up. Thankfully, I have friends who care enough to keep me from slipping too far behind. My boy Anthony, for example, was kind enough to point out a few fine new projects from the realms of chiptunes and VGM that I may have missed.

The first, of course, is the epic 8-bit Miles Davis tribute Kind of Bloop. Sure, I mentioned it in passing, but the album is deserving of far more direct praise. To that end, I not only recommend that you snag it (for a mere 5 bones), but I'd also highly suggest you check out the GM4A interview with project coordinator Andy Baio and chip musician DisasterPEACE written by everyone's homie Zen Albatross.

A similarly epic undertaking that I've discussed with various friends and scenesters but somehow neglected to pimp here at the blog is Bad Dudes/OneUp Studios' Chronotorious compilation. Headed up by the mysterious Mustin, Chronotorious boasts 15 rearranged tracks from epic Square RPG Chrono Trigger. For $12 you get the full boat on a limited edition CD, with the forthcoming Amazon MP3/iTunes release trimmed down to a scant 10 tracks. There are only 1000 of these bad boys, so snag one now while they are still easily… snaggable?

Lastly but not leastly is a release that has somehow managed to stay totally under my musical radar – I blame old age and my current preoccupation with work (yuk!) – Armcannon 2: The Return of the Attack of the Legend of Pizzor. To know Armcannon is to love Armcannon, and to love Armcannon is to give them $12 plus shipping for their first official full-length. If you love videogame covers, buy it for their ambitious reinterpretations of NES classics like the Rygar and Kid Icarus medleys. If TV or movie themes are more your thing, then snag it to hear their takes on the music rom Ghostbusters or Power Rangers. And if neither of those concepts tickle your fancy, then why the fuck are you reading this blog anyway?


Jimi said...

One of the few advantages to being a geek in the UK is buying such CDs as these from American websites. Despite the fact that it isn't nearly as good as a couple of years ago, the exchange rate makes for some cheap purchases, so I may just be checking some of these out.

Z. said...

You are reaping the rewards of our crippled currency, Jimi. :)

Anthony said...

Thanks a ton for posting about these albums, they are really amazing and definitely deserve the attention.

Also, no sooner did I shoot you that Email than did I get bombarded with more amazing releases. Expect another email from me soon!

Z. said...

I'll be looking for it, Ant!