Monday, June 15, 2009

Further Down the Rabbit Hole

I've already mentioned the various shades of weirdness going on with My Parents' Favorite Music, right? Hacked MySpace, Japanese schoolgirl abduction, time travel and the like? Well, I am… uh… pleased(?) to announce that stuff just managed to get even more bizarre.

This morning I stepped out of the shower to find a text from Steffo. Well, at least it said it was from Steffo.

It read as follows:
Hey its Steffo. Don't worry I'm not dead. Just had to find my window to get some internet time without the ladies knowing and well I had to tell you guys something. I recieved a letter. Now I have everything I need. Come the 16th these girls wont know what hit em.
There was also an image file included, which I am sort of hoping just didn't dither properly on my little enV2.

At any rate, I'm assuming this is for public consumption, so I figured I'd toss it out there. Anybody want to venture a guess as to what the hell this thing is?

If nothing else, I assume all will be revealed tomorrow. Which is good. As right now I've got nothing but questions.


Shael Riley said...

Demon blood awakens. Tentacle rape is immanent.

Z. said...

Yeah verily!

Doug said...

Sort of looks like a map of middle earth turned sideways.

Z. said...

That is does, and, having just seen the album art, I think you're right, Doug!