Monday, May 25, 2009


Towel Day is an interesting observance in the greater geek tradition. It is about looking back at the life and work of a cherished author and fallen hero, yet it is about looking forward. For what is science fiction if not a hopeful (if sometimes frightening) glimpse into our collective future? But mostly I think it is about being prepared.

In that regard, the towel can be said to symbolize our nerdy predilection for technological improvisation, for making do with what we have in the true spirit of our hacker brethren. But such means naught without at least some level of personal vigilance. Sure, a towel can keep you warm, but you must first realize you're on the icy moon of Jaglan Beta. It can serve as a beach blanket, but only if you recognize the sands of Santraginus V. It can save even you from making fatal eye contact with the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal, but only if you note the creature's initial approach.

Therefore it can also be said that the towel also symbolizes the dork's need to know his environment and to stay aware of notable happenings. Thus it seems almost poetic that this year's Towel Day falls on the heels of a pair of unique musical announcements.

Our first bit of news comes complete with a heaping helping of congratulations to all the winners of the 2009 Wizard Rock People's Choice Awards! This year saw a ton of multiple award-winning acts including The Whomping Willows (who received 3 awards), Riddle™ and The Moaning Myrtles (who each won 4) and Lifetime Achievement Award winners The Remus Lupins (who won 5). But this year's big winner was clearly the Ministry of Magic. Garnering the nod in no less than 9 categories, including best full-length and best male vocalist, MoM were truly the darlings of the scene. Hit up the 'Pedia for the full results.

This weekend also saw the resurrection of the official Nerdapalooza site at In addition to a friendly intro blog post from Hex himself, you can also find a helpful F.A.Q. and a full list of the thus-confirmed performers. The big news is that the event's second headliner has been announced, and it's none other than Nashville's traveling Mega Man rock opera The Protomen! Other newly-attached acts include related VG rockers The Megas, my good friends Uncle Monsterface, my bald-headed-brother-from-another-mother Shael Riley, chip wizard Jay Tholen, master filker The Great Luke Ski and musical comedy up-and-comer Odd Austin. It was also reveled that the event will be hosted by my comrades-in-arms MisterB and Anthony, so the promise of their delightful banter alone should be more than enough to warrant a ticket purchase.

And now you are in the all-important know. Aren't you quite the hoopy frood, then?

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antisoc said...

Coincidentally, I am working on an epic H2G2 rap opera. Unfortunately, it wasn't done in time for towel day.