Monday, April 20, 2009

Early AM Adrenaline

It's rather uncharacteristic of me to be excitable this early on a Monday morning, but, alas, this is no ordinary Monday. You see, over the weekend there were developments, startling – but no less amazing – developments on the nerdy music front.

The first was the release of the new Up End Atom tribute album. This disc salutes synth-punker Adam Goren, better known as Atom and His Package, and it is of particular note because a number of the album's contributors are familiar names around these parts. Math the Band, MC Lars, mc chris and even wang-lighting musical deviant Emotron are featured on this 11-track collection, which is available for a mere $10.75 from Interpunk. And be aware that $4 from each purchase goes to the American Diabetes Association to help combat the disease that plagues Adam himself.

My second bit of news concerns the most recent reveal from the Nerdapalooza camp. Concerning featured artists at this year's festival, Ant let slip Friday that local heroes Emergency Pizza Party have joined the mix, as well as some esteemed out-of-towners. MadHatter and the Scrub Club crew, including KABUTO, Chester and Deafinition will be hitting Orlando this July along with my big-boned brother from the Pacific Northwest, Beef-muthafuckin'-Thompson. Did I mention that tickets are available? Now? Snatch 'em up, 'cause I can guarantee you that the roster is only going to get more amazing from here! (Trust me; I know stuff.)

And now that's I've set your little hearts a-thumpin' I'll allow you to return to your daily duties, content in the knowledge that shit just got real.


Jimi said...

AAARGH!!! Why must you tempt me soooo??? The Atlantic is my least favourite ocean, being the only significant obstacle between me and nerdapalooza

Z. said...

I tempt you, Jimi, because such is my lot in life! ;) Seriously, though, I know airfare is a bitch, but attending Nerdapalooza is an experience that everyone should have at least once.

Jimi said...

Maybe next year I'll be able to find enough coins behind the sofa cushions. Living in the UK is severely inconvenient for nerdcore fans.

Z. said...

I feel you, Jimi. Even those of us in the southeastern US have limited access to events. Thankfully, we *do* have 'Palooza. Which is awesome.

Justin said...

Well that settles it. I was waiting to see the the full roster, but if Beefy is at Nerdapalooza I have to go. I hope the Killer Robots come again, their set was a blast.

On a side note, I just played my first game of D&D in 12 years last night. Despite all of us learning as we went along, we had a great time. Can't wait for next week.

Z. said...

I wouldn't be surprised to see the Robots or Zombies! Organize!! or some of the other regional acts from last year, Justin, but I think Hex and Ant are just gonna let the news trickle out a couple names at a time. And glad to know your D&Ding went well. :)