Monday, February 23, 2009

Geeking up Lunchtime

I have said many times in the past that I am not paid in the traditional sense for the work that I do here at Hipster, please! Further, I have stated that the means by which I am compensated tend to take the forms of free CDs and, more importantly, nerd love. But it would be far more accurate to say that my most frequent form of recompense is stickers.

Chances are, if I have received a parcel, thank you note, or care package from (or – heaven forbid – actually met face-to-face with an) artist/fellow writer over the past three years, it has resulted in one or more promotional decals falling into my possession. This is a fact I relish, as I come from a more punk rock background where things like stickers and badges are, quite literally, the glue that holds a scene together. The obvious outcome of this, however, is that I now have an entire drawer in my home dedicated to the housing of nerdy stickers.

Over the weekend, Li'l X. and I decided to use these as the raw materials for a little project; we replaced the well-worn magazine collage design that adorned my lunch cooler with the stickers in question.

Now, each afternoon when I dig into yet another peanut butter sandwich at my desk, I do so in the presence of Beefy, Schaffer the Darklord, My Parents' Favorite Music, Uncle Monsterface, and countless others. It helps to dress the proceedings up a bit.


Anthony said...

That is an interesting post because

Z. said...

We are lunchbox buddies.

Anthony said...

When I am at the level of stickers your lunchbox has reached I will be blogging about it too! right now I just have your sticker, MC Lars, MPFM, and my own GM4A ones.

Z. said...

And that's only, like, *half* of them!