Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 59: Hindsight

The year-end wrap-up is a fickle beast. That is why I chose to release mine late. And yet still it feels incomplete.

Part of this is because my focus is simply on what are, in my opinion, the best tracks of 2008, and, of course, I’ve already played the shit out of a number of those songs.

Therefore you won’t be hearing Beefy’s "Tabletop" or Dual Core’s "Fantastic Four." You know I love those, as I was quick to play them directly after their initial release. You also won’t hear anything from nYgel’s Free to Good Home mixtape or T.Y.T.’s Jelly Brain. Again, simply because I’ve played them, though more recently than the former.

Hell, I even went so far as to avoid including songs from my own projects (like Old Nerdy Bastard) and those particularly close to me (like the Game Music 4 All comps, to which I occasionally lend my limited expertise.)

And even with those omitted, I still couldn’t cram in all my favorites. Last year saw so many amazing releases that time simply doesn’t afford me the opportunity to highlight each one. So instead I elected to spotlight just a few of my top picks.

Hopefully you’ll reciprocate.

Download Radio Free Hipster Ep. 59: Hindsight (hosting provided by Antisocial) Size: 44.6 MB Running Time: 48:45

Show Notes:

Intro: Baddd Spellah – "Radio Free Hipster Theme (feat. Beefy)"
A classic in any era.

Track 1: MC Lars & YTCracker (ft. Doctor Popular) – "911 AM (Rudy Giuliani)" 
This one is my best-of-the-best. It boasts what is probably my favorite Doc Pop beat of all time, and some great lyrical content.

Z’s 1st interlude: "My New Year's resolution was not to stand on ceremony."
Hey, at least I can stick to it!

Track 2: Optimus Rhyme – "Click-Click" 
TransfORmed is easily Optimus’s greatest single release to date. School the Indie Rockers is my sentimental favorite, but this one is impeccable.

Track 3: MC Frontalot (ft. Jonathan Coulton) – "Diseases of Yore"
Likewise, I also see Front’s Final Boss as a personal best. Even the special guests are top-shelf!

Track 4: The Remus Lupins – "Weasley Clock" 
Despite the doomers who said that the 2007 release of Deathly Hallows would mark the end of WRock, the scene favored us with a number of fantastic releases in 2008. This was one of them.

Track 5: Math the Band  – "Everyone is Embarrassing"
While nothing compares to the Math the Band live experience, this track has an energy all it’s own.

Track 6: DJ Tripp – "Paper Rump"
This M.I.A. track had been a single for a while before it hit as the background music in the Pineapple Express trailer. Still, I love M.I.A., and was just glad to see her get some press. This DJ Tripp mash really punches up the track’s natural Wreckx-N-Effect element.

Track 7: Zombies! Organize!!  – "F-Bombs and 1Ups"
Zombies! Organize!! is probably my band of the year. I understand they are an acquired taste, but they went from a quirky contributor to a GM4A comp to a RFH staple in a matter of weeks.

Z’s 2nd interlude: "In heavy rotation."
Another band I really fell in love with in 2008 was Spheres of Chaos. I’ve got nothing but respect for the Pterodactyl Squad!

Track 8: Year 200X  – "Mega Man 3"
On the other hand, I’ve been a fan of Year 200X for ages, but it wasn't until last year that I finally got a chance to really connect with the band.

Track 9:  Random – "New Grind"
Ran is a class act all around. The 8th Day is another amazing album that walks the line between underground style and nerdy substance.

Track 10: the doyouinverts – "A Little Too Human Tonight
This is an act I found thanks to a listener suggestion, and the doyouinverts went on to be one of the greatest finds of ’08.

Track 11: The Mudbloods – "Since March, Since September, and Still"
There’ s really nothing I can say about The Mudbloods that hasn’t already been stated more eloquently by others. Even if you don’t think you like Wizard Rock, you owe it to yourself to check this band out.

Track 12: EvilWezil – "Spastic Surgery"
Pause Records also cranked out an amazing array of chiptune-centered VGM in 2008. EvilWezil is a personal favorite.

Track 13: The Grammar Club – "Balloon Flight (Flighty-Ighty Fo0dNippl3 Mix)"
I’d love to tell you of the glory of The Grammar Club’s forthcoming hotness, but I am contractually obligated to refain.

Z’s final interlude: "My ultimate message."
"Fuck all those stupid fuckers, don’t listen to what they say. ‘Cause they are jerks, and they’re no fun. We’re gonna rock-rock-rock ‘til the end of the day."

Track 14: Uncle Monsterface – "Rock 4 Luv!"
One day, my fellow nerds, I will pass on from this world of digital geekery. On that day – be it due to imprisonment by the FBI for my flagrant disregard of their copy warnings or due to the inevitable zombie apocalypse – I simply ask that you all Rock 4 Luv.

And that is 2008 in a musical nutshell. To my ear, it was probably the greatest nerd music year to date, but I’ll leave that up for individual interpretation.

I know I probably missed a lot of your favorites, so please feel free to tell me what geeky jams rocked your world in the previous year. I'd love to hear them.

Truthfully, I’m a little overwhelmed by the sheer possibilities of ’09. The bar has been raised, but I’m content that many will step up their game accordingly. 

I'll keep my ears wide open in anticipation. Hopefully you'll join me.


Church said...

Nice choices, but the lack of Southside's "Vibrate" was a glaring omission.

It's one of those songs that's so good that it should have been released separately, because you don't want to listen to the rest of the album.

I might argue about your Front choice, but my heart wouldn't be in it, because they're all awesome.

Ditto that for the Mudbloods.

Z. said...

Sadly, Church, I think Please Southside Don't Hurt 'Em was originally released in '07.

Church said...

Frak it.

I blame you.

Z. said...

*Sigh* Everyone always does.

Anonymous said...

A new Grammar Club album, eh?

Any idea when it's due out, or is that classified too?

Z. said...

Not classified, Chris, so much as undetermined. As soon as I know, you'll know. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Z.

If it's anything like Underbeard, I'm going to be really really excited!

nYgel said...

my most likely final mixtape will be released mid 09. i just released a b-sides as well. incase u didnt know.

funky49 said...

MC Lars & YTCracker (ft. Doctor Popular) – "911 AM (Rudy Giuliani)"
This one is my best-of-the-best


Gareth said...

Great podcast Z.

Full agreement that 911AM

xls said...

your opinions really do matter, z! thank you so much for all the work that you've put into reporting all of the nerdy music that i love. you are a shiny beacon of light in the sea of interwebs.

Anthony said...

No GM4A Compilations!? well the Y2X and EvilWezil makes up for it. =]

You will never hear me complaining that you play too much chiptunes or VG Rock

talkie_tim said...

Hey Z, Am I the listener who recommended the doyouinverts, back before RFH ep 50?
In the words of the good doctor: "Hooray I'm useful! I'm having a wonderful time."
Glad you liked it.

Tyson said...
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Tyson said...

I cannot listen to 911 AM enough. Especially the YT verse. "And yeah that's my weiner, thanks for the patdown!"

2nd favorite from that album: Guinevere.

I'd love to see an interview with K.Flay. She needs more attention. I've been hooked since I heard her on the Horris Records Mixtape 1.

Z. said...

Let’s just say you’re gonna be excited then, Chris. ;)

Thanks, nYg. Checking that out now.
No doubt, funk!

Thanks, Gareth. Glad to know everyone else feels that track too.

Yeah, Ant, I decided that I was omitting comps from my countdown. No real reason, mind you, I just did.

You are, Tim. I had a fan of Beefy’s mention them again last month, but you were the first to get me listening to them. :)

I agree, Tyson; that verse of YT’s is the shit. I’m interested in learning more about K.Flay myself.

Fo0dNippl3 said...

Hey, that's my remix!

I am 100% looking forward to the next Grammar Club release.

Z. said...

It will surely be an epic album, Nip!