Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Across the Twitterverse

If you’re at all interested in videogame music or even tangentially aware of the amazingly creative community at work at OverClocked ReMix, then the name Larry Oji shouldn’t be unfamiliar. Liontamer, as he’s known in ReMix circles, is a community moderator, project producer, submissions judge, occasional contributor, and an otherwise indispensable fixture in the world of VGM rearrangement and original composition. He’s also the mind behind VG Frequency, another project dedicated to the glorification of game music in all its forms.

In summation, Larry works a fuck of a lot harder than just about anyone else you could think of in the VGM sphere. He is a dedicated pillar of fandom. He is a ceaseless champion of videogame music as a viable art form. He is a machine.

Recently inspired by a Destructoid post about following the game industry via Twitter, Larry took it upon himself to compile a list of game music professionals and enthusiasts also available to stalk follow via the service. In typical fashion, Liontamer’s parameters for inclusion are suitably broad, encompassing everyone from the OC ReMix regulars to game/geek rock crossovers to gamer-friendly hip-hoppers to those of us rooted more on the journalistic end of the spectrum.

It’s really a comprehensive list that should provide interested parties new to Twitter a great place to start, and has even proven an ideal way for an old hand like yours truly to get a better handle on the ever-eclectic and always expanding videogame music scene.  

Take a look for yourself. And prepare to be amazed.

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Anthony said...

haha I was mentioned and didn't even do anything! awesome!